New Appeal Regulations for Special Use Authorizations

The 36 CFR 214 Appeal Regulations

The new 36 CFR 214 appeal regulations for decisions regarding the occupancy or use of National Forest System lands have been published in the Federal Register and are effective as of June 5, 2013. This final rule revises and replaces the procedures found at 36 CFR 251, subpart C, which provides for individuals authorized to occupy or use National Forest System lands and resources to administratively appeal certain types of agency decisions affecting their authorization.

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The types of written instrument include term grazing permits, plan of operations, special use authorizations, mineral material contracts or permits, or other types of written instruments issued by the Forest Service. The final rule also applies to a lease or permit for leasable minerals issued by the U.S. Department of the Interior that authorizes the occupancy or use of National Forest System lands or resources and specifies the terms and conditions under which the occupancy or use may occur.

For additional information, please contact the Forest Service office that administers your special use permit.