The Kloshe Nanitch Lookout Has Been Removed

Release Date: Oct 15, 2012

Contact(s): Pacific Ranger District, 360-374-6522.

Olympia, WA – Olympic National Forest’s Kloshe Nanitch Fire Lookout, located north of Highway 101 approximately twenty miles northeast of Forks and forty miles west of Port Angeles, was removed last week. The building had been closed to public access several years ago when engineers determined that it was not structurally sound. Earlier this fall, vandals entered the building and broke several windows and tore off safety railings. This, combined with deterioration of the structure, resulted in irreparable damage. “The structure in its existing condition was a dire safety hazard and we needed to take immediate action to maintain public safety,” stated Pacific District Ranger Dean Millett. Millett also stated that the gate at the 3040-595 junction is currently closed, but will be reopened when all the debris has been removed.

Kloshe Nanitch LookoutThis structure was constructed in 1997 and was a replica of the original cupola structure constructed in 1917. The lookout site was later moved to the North Point Site in the 1940’s. “It is regrettable that this local landmark had to be removed, but the structure was beyond repair,” stated Millett. The site’s remote location has made it a target of vandalism over the years and that has led to its deterioration.

The Clallam County Chain Gang removed the structure by hand over a three day period. “In these days of limited budgets and personnel, use of this crew provided an economical way to alleviate this hazard,” Millett said.

The Kloshe Nanitch Lookout and surrounding area has long been a popular picnic destination for visitors. It provides spectacular views of Mount Olympus, the Sol Duc Valley, and Lake Crescent. The Kloshe Nanitch Trail #882.1 remains open, and plans are already underway to build an observation deck where the fire lookout used to be. The observation deck is expected to be completed next summer. For additional information, please contact the Pacific Ranger District at 360-374-6522.

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