Partners in Forest Management

Florida Division of Forestry
The Division of Forestry (DOF) acts as the lead agency in Florida for fire incidents.

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Within the Ocala National Forest, it is the job of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to monitor wildlife populations, establish hunting and fishing regulations, to issue licenses for hunting and fishing, and to enforce regulations regarding Florida wildlife, including endangered and threatened species.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)  manages Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park, which is surrounded by the Osceola National Forest.

Florida Department of Transportation
With oversight of federal highways (I-10) within forest bounds, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) works with the Osceola National Forest to establish future plans for changes to transportation corridors and facilities. One successful partnership project is the Fanny Bay Trail, which leads motorists from the I-10 Sanderson westbound rest area on an interpretive walk into an area in the forest with ancient cypress.

Suwannee River Water Management District
St. Johns Water Management District

As the lead agencies for state water bodies within the Osceola National Forest, the water management districts works with the USDA Forest Service to oversee water quality, water-based recreation, and permitting of commercial water use.

Partners in Recreation

Florida Trail Association
The U.S. Forest Service manages three of the nation's 11 National Scenic Trails, and we are fortunate to have our own National Scenic Trail in Florida, the 1,400-mile Florida Trail. It is one of only two National Scenic Trails located within a single state.

In partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, the nonprofit Florida Trail Association oversees trail maintenance, promotes the trail's use, and works to acquire and protect trail corridor to complete the trail. Volunteers donate tens of thousands of hours annually building and maintaining the trail, building bridges and boardwalks, mowing and cutting ever-growing vegetation, and painting orange trail blazes to make the trail easy to follow. Trail maintainers are a common sight on the trail during all but the hottest months of the year.

To learn more about the Florida Trail Association and how to get involved with their volunteer needs and efforts, please visit the Florida Trail Association website.

Get Outdoors Florida!
The U.S. Forest Service is a key partner of the Get Outdoors Florida! coalition.

The coalition, formed in March 2008 by a resolution signed by the Governor of Florida, is a partnership of land managers, government agencies, children’s advocates, educators, health care professionals, non-profit organizations, businesses and other private organizations.

In an effort to encourage children and their parents to re-connect with nature, the National Forests in Florida supports the coalition in its statewide initiative of engaging communities, families and individuals in outdoors experiences to achieve healthier lifestyles while sustaining Florida’s natural resources.

By connecting people and communities with nature, the coalition enhances opportunities for environmental education, public health, child welfare, tourism, fish and wildlife conservation and land management. The integrated focus of the coalition has proven invaluable in not only strengthening partnerships with federal, state and private organizations, but ultimately motivating Floridians to be more conscious of and engaged with nature throughout their lives.

For more information about Get Outdoors Florida! or how to get involved with the coalition, please visit the Get Outdoors Florida! website.