The following link can be used to access geospatial data for the National Forests in Arkansas: Download Data (See Downloadable Data under the “Enterprise Data” heading).  The extent of the data is nationwide, not just limited to National Forests in Arkansas, so many of these data files are quite large. 

Official corporate USDA Forest Service geospatial data that is available to the public for download can be located at

Data formats are available in ESRI geodatabase (.gdb) or shapefile (.shp). To view such data formats, use the freeware ArcGIS Explorer or other software that can read or import shapefiles.


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Ozark-St. Francis National Forests’ geographic spatial data can be found on Arkansas’ official GIS platform web page called GeoStor - Arkansas GIS Office.  Just put “Ozark National Forest” in the search window.

If you have a special request for geospatial data, you can contact the GIS staff through the Supervisor’s Office in Russellville, AR at 479-964-7200.