Schedule of Proposed Actions

The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) lists various projects proposed on the Forests that require environmental analysis. The projects listed are either currently being analyzed or are anticipated to begin analysis this quarter. The schedule is updated every three months. These projects are a continuing part of the implementation of the Ozark-St. Francis National Forests Land and Resource Management Plan. It is our policy to inform and involve the public in National Forest activities.

The purpose of the SOPA is to give early notice of proposed actions so the public is aware of Forest Service activities and to provide contact information regarding specific projects. The schedule is a forecast of planned activities and is subject to change. It does not replace project scoping requirements and also does not function to track projects. For example, some small-scale projects may be proposed and analyzed with a decision being made before the next schedule is issued. Scoping for these projects would occur, but the projects would appear as a completed project in the following schedule.

The SOPA for the OSFNFs is listed by Ranger District and arranged in a table format. The information found in each column of the table is described below:

Project: This column categorizes the program type of the proposed action, such as vegetation, range, wildlife management, etc. It may also note the project name which can be used when referencing the project in your questions and comments.

Ranger District: The District on which the project will occur, or which has responsibility for analysis completion.

Description: This column briefly describes the proposed action. For more specific information, contact the project leader.

Compartments, State, County and Legal Description: The general location is noted. If a project occurs in scattered areas across the Forest, it may be noted as "forest-wide." Again, call for more specific information.

Planned Dates: Begin scoping, decision, and implement FY are anticipated dates of occurrence. These are anticipated dates, and may change. The Forest Service Fiscal Year (FY) begins each October 1, and ends each September 30.

Status/Remarks: Notes about the project or status in the NEPA process.

Appealing a Decision

DISCLAIMER: Documents made available on this web site are provided for informational purposes only. The official project record is maintained at the Ozark-St. Francis National Forests Supervisor's Office in Russellville, AR, or at individual District offices. If you would like the printed copies from the official record, please contact the project leader shown in the schedule of proposed action.


In addition to the quarterly SOPA reports listed below, you can also view current projects by accessing a "live" SOPA report by clicking here