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Welcome to the Blanchard Springs Caverns Classroom! Browse through the pages below and learn about cave formations, cave geology, cave life, cave safety, and much more.

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Cave Formations
The all-inclusive name for cave formations is speleothems, cave deposits of every sort. The main mineral deposited in the speleothems of Blanchard Springs Caverns is calcite, the same mineral found in the limestone layers that make up the bedrock of the Ozark Mountains. more

Cave Geology
After the sea bed was uplifted millions of years ago, the elements - especially rain - shaped this exposed land into mountains and rivers that you recognize on the map today. The slightly acid rain water penetrated the earth's surface, seeping through cracks and crevices to form small, as yet unconnected, cavities in the groundwater - saturated limestone beds below the water table. more

Cave Life
The plants and animals of Blanchard Springs Caverns - like those living above ground - have adapted to different, but specific, environments. Within the cave are recognizable zones, each supporting distinctive communities of plants and animals, although their numbers are far fewer than their surface kinfolk. more

Cave Safety
All caves and mines on National Forest lands except for Blanchard Springs Caverns are closed to the public to prevent and slow the spread of White Nose Syndrome, a condition that is killing hundreds of thousands of bats throughout the northeastern United States and recently confirmed in Arkansas.

The Springs
The cold, clear water that flows through the caverns and cascades over limestone rocks at Blanchard Springs did much to shape the lives and livelihood of the early day settlers in this mountain country. Communities naturally sprang up near the life sustaining creeks downstream from Blanchard Springs. more

Wild Cave
The Forest Service has been carefully studying the wild caves on the Sylamore District in order to provide the best management of these caves. more

Wild Cave Protection
Caves are the product of water, rock, and eons of time. Stalactites, stalagmites, and other formations are created one crystal of calcite at a time. One thoughtless act can destroy thousands of years of nature's work. more

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