The Dripstone Tour

Soda Straw Room on the tour


This trail travels through two huge rooms filled with an incredible variety and number of crystalline formations – sparkling flowstone, towering columns, delicate soda straws. This shorter, easier trail takes you almost half a mile one-way through the Caverns. All stairs can be avoided, making trails accessible for wheelchairs and strollers. However, inclines are steep. Strong assistants are needed to maneuver wheelchairs. The Dripstone Trail is open every day during the summer months and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays during the winter months. Please check the schedule for exact dates. The caverns are also closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and new Year's Day.

The video below was created in July 2018 by one of our visitors, Gary Cox, who wanted to showcase not only the beauty of the caverns, but also to demonstrate to his friends how expansive the cave system is at Blanchard. This video gives you a good overview of what you will see and experience on the Dripstone Tour. For more information, contact Blanchard Springs Caverns Visitor Information Center at 870-757-2211

Video used with permission.