Fire Management

To report a Fire on the Ottawa National Forest dial 911 or call (906) 358-0531. Notices and Alerts regarding Fire will be placed on the Alerts and Notices page.


The Fire Management Program combines elements of fire prevention, fire suppression, and fire use. Wildland fire occurrence is inevitable in all North American ecosystems. Most wildland fire must be suppressed to meet resource and social objectives. The wise use of fire will approximate the historical role of fire and enhance long-term resource and social values.

There are Forest Service-specific and interagency policies and study recommendations that provide parameters for operating in the fire management arena.


Fire Weather.  Click here to obtain UP Fire Weather.


Baraga Plains Controlled Burn

The Ottawa National Forest plans to conduct a controlled burn in the Baraga Plains area with the objectives of maintaining and restoring the native Baraga Plains sand barrens habitat.  The proposed date will be in the spring/early summer of 2011.  Click here for additional information. (PDF) 


Click here to learn why we use prescribed fire. (PDF)  (You might have to click view, and then rotate counterclockwise.) 


Other Links

Ottawa National Forest Wildland Fire Training


US Forest Service Fire and Aviation Websit

Fire Prevention 


Image of Smokey The Bear


Photos from Fire Prevention Events

February 5th, 2011     3 Bears Sled Dog Race, Land O' Lakes, WI



HSQ Links

Full-time Forest Service Employees who need to take the pack test at ANY level, must send their HSQ form to Dean Karlovich, Forest FMO.

Dean Karlovich
US Forest Service
E23979 US Hwy 2 East
Watersmeet, MI 49969
Or Fax to Dean at:
906 358 4000

Temporary hires and AD’s / Casuals who need the pack test at ANY level:

Fill out an HSQ form and send it to Randy Charles.
Ottawa National Forest
Supervisor's Office
Randy Charles
E6248 US Hwy 2
Ironwood, MI 49938
Or Fax to Randy at:
906 932-0122


HSQ Forms

HSQ Form and Letter (PDF)

Pack Test Brochure (PDF)

Informed Consent Form (PDF)

You must read the HSQ Letter and follow the instructions.

Fill out the HSQ form, and the Informed Consent form
and mail or fax them to the following address:

Make sure you sign the papers before you mail or fax them