Black River Harbor Dock Replacement Project (Phase I)

Contact(s): Anthony Holland, Lisa Klaus

IRONWOOD, MI (December 5, 2017) – Watersmeet/Iron River—Bessemer District Ranger, Tony Holland, announced today that work will begin on Phase I of the Black River Harbor dock replacement project.  Effective immediately, access to the docks and boat launch at Black River Harbor will be closed until further notice to allow for this construction work.  Once construction work is completed, access to the boat launch and docks will be reopened.  The lower parking lot and suspension bridge will remain open for day use.

“We are excited to be working with our local contractor to complete the first phase of dock replacements at the Black River Harbor,” stated Ranger Holland.  “We will be closing the boat launch and docks during construction due to safety concerns and to allow for the work to proceed uninterrupted.”

Snow Country Contracting has been awarded the contract for Phase I of the dock replacement.  “During construction, which includes blasting, it will be necessary to close the lower parking lot and suspension bridge and to limit access to the entire area.” Holland said.  “If it is necessary to close the area completely, we will notify the public in advance.  We encourage everyone to contact our office prior to going to the harbor for current status.”  Closures of the entire area are not expected to extend beyond a week at a time.

Given the status of the docks and boat launch area for the immediate future, we will not be accepting reservations for seasonal slips in 2018.  When the docks are reopened, we will determine if there is still a need for reservations given the season.  “At this time, we have been taking names of those individuals who have expressed interest in reservations and we will contact them with current information,” added Holland.

The Ottawa National Forest and Snow Country Contracting are working closely together to ensure we are meeting expectations for a high quality and safe facility.  We will work to complete Phase I as soon as possible, so we can reopen the area in a timely manner.  “Black River Harbor is a very popular recreation area that is visited throughout the year.  We are continuing to improve and maintain facilities to ensure an enjoyable experience for our visitors.  We appreciate the public’s understanding while we complete improvements to this well-loved recreation area.”

Updates and progress reports will be provided throughout the construction period.  Please visit our website for more information or call 906-932-1330 for the current status of the area.