Ouachita National Forest Turned 110 Years Old

Over these years, the 1.8 million acres Ouachita National Forest has managed the forest for a number of multiple uses, including timber, wilderness, recreation, minerals, water and wildlife in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

A proclamation by President Roosevelt on December 18, 1907, created the Arkansas National Forest on reserved public domain lands south of the Arkansas River. The first supervisor’s office for the forest was established in January 1908 in Fort Smith, Ark. Seven months later it moved to Mena, Ark.

Then in 1910, the headquarters moved to Womble, Ark., then to its present home in Hot Springs, Ark.

On April 29, 1926, President Calvin Coolidge renamed the forest Ouachita for the mountains which it embraces and for the principal river which drains it. President Hoover extended the Ouachita National Forest into Oklahoma in 1930 with the purchase of 50,000 acres of cutover and burned land.

Today, the Ouachita National Forest continues supporting the local communities with 1,550 jobs annually and approximately $64.5 million dollars of annual labor income for wage earners and business sole proprietors.