Prescribed Fires on the Forest

Firefighters building a fire line on a prescribed burn

The Ouachita National Forest will be conducting prescribed burns over the next several months.

The purposes of these burns are to reestablish fire’s natural role in the forest ecosystem, improve forest health, and reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires.  Prescribed burns are conducted when the conditions indicate that there will be minimal impact to the public.

Persons with smoke sensitivities, who are not on the Forest Service’s prescribed burn notification list, should contact their nearest ranger district to be added.

Many conditions must be met before a prescribed fire can be ignited.  The day chosen must be a combination of the correct humidity, wind speed and direction, temperature, fuel moisture, and atmospheric conditions.  Factoring in all these requirements limits the number of days in which a prescribed fire can take place.

Daily updates on prescribed fires across the forests can be found at or by calling 1-888-243-1042.

Fire Science

Since the beginning of time, fires have burned in the forests of Arkansas and Oklahoma, playing a vital role in keeping the land healthy. Fire reduces dead vegetation, replenishes nutrients in the soil, stimulates new growth, and maintains biological diversity. Learn more