Albert Pike Recreation Area Management

Sign at the entrance to Albert Pike Rec AreaThe Forest Service has made a final decision in the long-term management and use of the Albert Pike Recreation Area, located on the Little Missouri River in the Ouachita National Forest.

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The project page, including final decision, is located here. 

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Decision: Following Environmental Assessment and consideration of public comment, Forest Service officials have decided on the future management of Albert Pike Recreation  Area as follows. Loops A and B will be open year-round to day use, and the storage buildings in Loop A will be decommissioned. A Sweet-Smelling Technology (SST) vault toilet will be installed in Loop B, with the loop’s bathhouse remaining open seasonally until it is no longer maintainable. At the point that the bathhouse is no longer maintainable, the bathhouse and its well system will be decommissioned. All Loop C facilities and infrastructure will be decommissioned, including the dump station, and allowed to return to natural conditions. Finally, all Loop D facilities and infrastructure will be decommissioned and allowed to return to natural conditions with three exceptions: (1) the large-group picnic pavilion, which will remain intact; (2) the Loop D parking lots, which will be converted to day use parking with natural surfacing; and (3) the construction of an information kiosk near the Loop D parking lots. Road 914 will remain gated and closed for administrative use only.

map showing the flood elevation at Albert Pike Rec Area


Following the 2010 flood of the Albert Pike Recreational Area, studies were conducted to better understand the full range of hydrologic conditions that could impact the area. One outcome of these studies was the 1% annual exceedance probability elevation, often referred to as the 100-year flood elevation, which is depicted in gray in the map above. It is estimated that for any given year there is a 1% probability that the area in gray would flood. This area includes substantial portions of Loops A and B and all portions of Loops C and D.  


Ouachita National Forest Albert Pike Open House on Environmental Assessment from Forest Service on Vimeo.