Latest Fall Color Information

Ouachita National Forest

The Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma are some of the best places to see fall foliage colors. Every autumn, nature paints the mountains and valleys with gorgeous hues of gold, red and orange. The fall color updates are listed below for the Ouachita and Ozark-St. Francis National Forests.  Right now, the fall leaves are just starting to show a little color.  Fall color updates are available throughout the state of Arkansas here.


Ouachita National Forest


Caddo-Womble Ranger District - Arkansas - 870-867-2101

11/19/19 - The peak is over and most of the leaves are down. The remaining colors are brown.

11/12/19 - The elm and gum trees are still pretty, but the leaves won't last long. The recent storms and high winds in the area have caused many of the leaves to fall so that the peak should be over by this weekend if not before. Highway 270 going towards Hot Springs is a pretty drive to see the fall colors.

11/5/19 - The red oaks are turning red, the white oaks are turning yellow and golden brown. The dominant colors seem to be reds, brownish gold, rusty yellow and yellow. A good place to see the fall color change is the north slope of the Hickory Nut Vista.

10/29/19 - The foliage is starting to change. There is still a lot of greens around, but the reds and yellows of the oaks are starting to shine. A great place to view the color change would be the north slope of Hickory Nut Vista.

10/22/19 - A lot of green is still present! There is a little color showing through around the Hickory Nut Vista - North slope. The black gum, maple, dogwood are showing a little color and the hickory is showing limited yellow leaves. The dominant colors appear to be brown to red. 

Jessieville-Winona-Fourche Ranger District - Arkansas - 501-889-5176

11/19/19 - A little color remains, but it is mostly brown.

11/12/19 - The leaves have turned brown and it is past peak for the fall foliage along Highway 7.

11/5/19 - The fall foliage is about 90%. It is pretty right now with the sweet gums, ashes, sumac and hickory trees showing off their colors. Highway 7 is a great scenic drive to take in the colors; however, it is starting to turn brown already.

10/29/19 - The fall foliage is rapidly showing up around Highway 7 to Fourche Junction. Golden brown and orange are the dominanat colors, with about 40% color change. The sweet gum, ash, sumac, and hickory trees are conributing to the color show.

10/22/19 - No color change is showing up in the area yet.

Mena - Oden Ranger District - Arkansas - 479-394-2382

11/19/19 - The peak fall color is over. Still spots of color remain, but it is mostly brown.

11/12/19 - The scenic drive on top of the mountains shows that the leaves are gone. Towards the lower elevations, the trees are still pretty with crimson, red and yellow dominating the color scheme. The red maples, black gums, sweet gums and sumac trees are all changing color now in these lower elevations. The leaves are falling quickly, especially with the weather systems moving through and the high winds we have experienced recently. The peak was probably last week, but this weekend could still show some beautiful colors popping through.

11/5/19 - The colors are changing after the recent hard freeze. It's not quite peak yet, but the crimson red and yellow dominate the fall foliage from the red maple, black gum, sweet gum, and sumac trees. There is still some green color, but the yellows and reds are popping through. Highway 8E towards Glenwood, Highway 71N toward Fort Smith, and Highway 88W to Queen Wilhelmina State Park are all scenic drives where you can see the color changing. Highway 270 has more signs of color change, not only the red color foliage but yellows are showing through.

10/29/19 Fall colors are starting to show in the area as some reds and yellows are beginning to pop. The dominate colors are crimson red with some signs of yellow showing up, especially the red maple, black gum, sweet gum and sumac trees contributing to the fall foliage display. Highway 8E toward Glenwood and Highway 71N toward Fort Smith would both be excellent viewing areas of the evolving fall color display.

10/22/19 - The fall colors are just now starting to show a little. Highway 270 would be a great drive to see some of the early signs of color change. Crimson red is the only dominate color now, due to the red maple, black gum, sweet gum, and sumac foliage. 

Poteau - Cold Springs Ranger District- Arkansas - 479-637-4174

11/19/19 - Most of the leaves are gone from the trees. The peak fall color season is over.

11/12/19 - The golds and yellows of the elm and gum trees are showing up right now, although the colors are not really bright or vibrant this year. 

11/5/19 - The color is changing on the district. Not really bright or vibrant, but the color is changing. Gold is the dominant color. Highway 71 towards Mena would be a pretty scenic drive to see the changing fall foliage.

10/29/19 - The trees have just started turning within the past few days, with the oak trees mostly contributing to the fall foliage right now. There are no big pops of color yet. Some of the leaf colors in areas appear somewhat drab.

10/22/19 - Not much color showing up yet. 


Oklahoma Ranger District - Oklahoma - 918-653-2991

11/19/19 - Leaves are brown and falling off the trees. There are still a couple of spots that have reds and yellows, but the peak is over.

11/12/19 - The fall foliage is still pretty, but the peak is over. There will still be some color in the next few days, the reds and yellows are lingering on.

11/5/19 - The color is changing. The dominant colors are yellow and brown with some orange. Very few of the maple trees have turned red yet. The Bradford Pears are showing purple and deep red. Going south on Highway 259 by Smithville and Octavia is a pretty scenic drive to view the changing fall foliage. South toward Mena is a very pretty drive also. Highway 259N towards Highway 59 heading to Heaver OK is showing some pretty fall foliage.

10/29/19 - The color is starting to show up in shades of yellow and brown, mostly the oaks, maples, hickory, and Bradford Pear trees.The maple trees are displaying their brilliant red colors. A great drive to see some of the color would be south on Highway 259 by Smithville and Octavia.

10/22/19 - The color is just starting to change around Broken Bow and north. The oaks, maples and hickory foliage are beginning to show yellows and browns.



Ozark-St. Francis National Forests fall color updates are available here.