Red Slough Wildlife Management Area

Red Slough WMA

The Red Slough Wildlife Management Area is one of the largest, most biologically diverse Wetland Reserve Projects in the nation. It is located in SE Oklahoma and is a premier birdwatching and waterfowl hunting area.

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  • History of Red Slough

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    The unique wetland resource known as Red Slough once covered an area approximately 4 miles long by 2 miles wide and was formerly one of the largest wetland complexes found within Oklahoma. Most of this area was lost or drastically altered over the course of the last half century.

  • A Story Map

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    A web map was created for the Red Slough. It integrates maps, points of interest, photos, partners, reptiles and insects seen at the Red Slough.

  • Visitor Safety Plan

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    Visitors have the potential to come into contact with several species of wildlife that may be harmful. This plan discusses the various species and measures that the Red Slough management team will take to mitigate and inform visitors of potential negative interactions with these species.

  • Bird Surveys

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    The Red Slough is home to an incredible 322 species of birds, 88 species of damselflies/dragonflies, 89 species of butterflies, and 63 species of reptiles and amphibians. A bird survey is conducted weekly.

  • Birders Guide to the Red Slough

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    Whether you are working on your state or year list or are looking for lifers, Red Slough is a must visit for both beginning and seasoned birders. Learn what to expect and where to find certain birds

  • Photo Gallery

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    Over the years, some really great photos have been taken at the Red Slough Wildlife Management Area. All of the pictures in these galleries were taken at Red Slough WMA, McCurtain Co., Oklahoma. Enjoy!

  • Alligator Brood Monitoring

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    Game cameras have been put out at Red Slough Wildlife Management Area to monitor the winter behavior of baby alligators. There are 36 young alligators at this monitoring site. A curious otter enters the picture to explore the group, sending them scattering into the water.


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