Red Slough Wildlife Management Area

Red Slough Wildlife Management Area is a 5,814 acre wetland project designed to restore hydrology and re-establish bottomland hardwoods. It is cooperatively managed by the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Project goals and objectives are to maximize diversity and offer outstanding recreational opportunities. Red Slough is a very popular recreational destination located in southeastern Oklahoma and is a premier birdwatching and waterfowl hunting area.

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Red Slough Birding Convention

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Alligator Hatchling Rescue - view a movie clip of baby alligators and their nest.

Alligator Brood Monitoring - Otter Appearance

Birding Observations and Information

The Red Slough Wetland is the recipient of the prestigious
National "Taking Wing" Award.


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