Fuelwood Management & Permits

Fuelwood Update, May 1, 2020

Personal use fuelwood permits for the Payette National Forest will be available beginning May 15, through November 30, 2020. 

Fuelwood permits can be purchased at these commercial locations:

  • Weiser:  Ridley's Food and Drug  (208) 549-1332
  • Weiser Farmer’s Supply Cooperative  (208) 549-0654
  • Cambridge:  Jay’s Sinclair  (208) 257-5000
  • Council:  Farmer’s Supply Co-op  (208) 253-4266
  • McCall:  Albertsons   (208) 634-8166

Additionally, though our Forest offices, and due to COVID-19 we will be processing mail-in applications, and call-in applications for fuelwood permits.

The mail-in and call-in systems is being implemented for the safety of members of the public, and the safety of our front line employees.  We will accept fuelwood applications starting May 4.  For information about fuelwood cutting on surrounding National forests, please contact them directly.

Mail-in applications are available in front of the McCall, News Meadows, Council and Weiser Ranger District Offices.  Applications are also available to print from this Forest webpage below, or on our Facebook page U.S. Forest Service-Payette National Forest.  The call-in system can be used by calling the Forest Service offices list below.

A new regulation for this year is no cutting of Larch (Tamarack) after November 1.  Larch lose their needles every fall and appear to be dead, resulting in too many live trees being accidently cut.  This new regulation is to prevent the cutting of live Larch trees after they have lost their needles in the fall.

Fuelwood permit prices remain at $6.25 per cord with a 4-cord minimum, and a 10-cord maximum per household.  Please note we cannot sell permits for only 2 cords.  If you want all ten cords, permits purchased will need to be 5 cords and 5 cords, or 4 cords and 6 cord, or all 10 cords at once.

The Payette National Forest has a free-use area located in the Big Creek area.  A free-use permit is required for this area, and can be obtained by calling the McCall Ranger District office.  Specifics of the free-use location and requirements will be explained to people seeking free-use permits.  Free-use fuelwood counts as personal use toward the 10-cord maximum per household.

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