Roadwork - Planned Construction & Repair Projects

The Forest welcomes the public and offers a few suggestions to make your travel more pleasureable:

• If you are not familiar with the area you are traveling to, contact the appropriate Ranger District or county road office for current information on road conditions and area closures.
• Obtain a Forest Map and Motor Vehicle Use Map to know what routes are currently open to the public and the uses allowed on those routes.
• Many Forest roads are open for mixed use applications and vehicles. Be alert to other uses such as commercial traffic, OHV, motorcycle, horse riding, hiking, and biking while traveling along the roads. Adjust speeds to be able to stop within 1/3 of your viewing distance, travel along the right side of the roadway, and share the road with other users.
• Be alert to roads damaged by spring conditions, including roadbed failures, rutting, and damaged drainage structures and bridges and do not drive beyond your capabilities.
Visitors are reminded to beware of potential hazardous conditions along roadways, especially after heavy rainstorms or wind events. Please contact local Ranger Districts to report road damage or hazards that have not been signed. 
soundwavesTread Lightly: Protect Our Roads & Trails This Spring!

A list of planned road projects is not all-inclusive. We try to keep it updated but conditions are changing fast as temperatures rise. Please call the relevant Ranger District office for the most accurate and up to date information.

August, 2021 Update - No additional planned projects this year that will result in road closures.