Cold July Forest Restoration Project on the Payette National Forest Moves Forward

Release Date: Jun 25, 2022

McCall, Idaho, June 25, 2022 - Payette National Forest Supervisor Linda Jackson approved the Cold July Forest Restoration Project on the New Meadows Ranger District of the Payette National Forest.  The project area is located just outside of New Meadows, Idaho in Adams County.

This decision approves the implementation of vegetation management activities and associated road related management activities across approximately 30,000 acres of the district.  The project is designed to improve the health of forest stands; increase insect and disease resiliency; reduce tree densities and fuel loadings to result in less intense fire behavior.  Once complete, the project will facilitate effective wildland fire response; and enhance habitat for the northern Idaho ground squirrel and white-headed woodpecker. The decision comes after extensive public involvement and environmental analysis over the past year.

“I want to thank members of the public who participated in the review of this project,” said Linda Jackson, Payette National Forest Supervisor.  “This project will further increase the resiliency of the forest in the area, promote fire adapted communities such as New Meadows, Tamarack and the Meadows Valley, and assist our firefighters in addressing wildfires that may occur in this area, while also providing for and improving wildlife habitat for two key species.”

More information on the project’s activities and decision rationale are available in the final decision notice and associated at  Questions regarding the project can be directed to Dana Harris at 208-514-5809 or