Personal Use Mushroom Season on the Payette National Forest

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McCall, ID., April 16, 2019 – The Payette National Forest is announcing the following guidelines for wild mushroom picking this year on the Forest.  Following last summer’s wildfires, morel (more-ELL) mushrooms are anticipated to appear in burned areas of the forests.  Use caution in recently burned areas due to stump holes, snags, and loose soil or rocks.


Personal Use:  Permits are not required.  Harvesters may gather up to 5 gallons of morels or other mushrooms per day for personal use without a permit.  There is no age limit on personal use mushroom pickers.  Personal use mushrooms may not be sold or bartered to another party.


Commercial Use:  Commercial Mushroom permits will not be available this year.  Due to the limited size of fires in 2018, and access limitations, the Forest is not issuing commercial permits, nor buying permits - buying stations will not be permitted to operate on Forest land.


Best Practices:  Be sure to know where you are!  Always check to be sure you are on public lands where mushroom picking is authorized.  If you intend to pick mushrooms on private lands, always ask the land owners for permission ahead of time.


Know your mushrooms!  Each year interest grows in harvesting wild mushrooms from National Forests.  Proper identification and determination of whether a mushroom is edible is the responsibility of the picker.

  • At least one-third of the mushroom caps (in the collection area) should be left intact to release spores for future mushroom growth.   
  • Minimize the impacts to the actual fungus by not disturbing the ground habitat. 
  • Raking or other ground disturbance is prohibited. Use a knife to cut the mushroom to minimize the impact to the fungus. 
  • Do not collect mushrooms from previously harvested areas; leave the rest for spores and food for wildlife. 
  • Recommend using net or paper bags which allows air and keeps mushrooms fresher.


For additional information, please stop by one of our offices, or contact an office by telephone: Council Ranger District – 208-253-0100; Krassel Ranger District – 208-634-0600; McCall Ranger District – 208-634-0400, New Meadows Ranger District – 208-347-0300, Weiser Ranger District – 208-549-4200.