Report a Pacific Crest Trail Incident

In an emergency requiring immediate medical or law-enforcement response—call 911 or other local emergency number. Tell the dispatcher you are a Pacific Crest Trail hiker or equestrian, and provide your location (include name and approximate distance of nearest town and nearest road if possible).

Report all incidents on the Pacific Crest Trail. Suspicious or illegal activity that does not require emergency response should be reported as soon as possible to local rangers or local law-enforcement.

  1. Trail-wide PCT Incident Report Form can be saved to your computer, completed electronically and then e-mailed, or it can be printed, completed, and then faxed or mailed to the PCT Incident Manager.

    How to submit completed incident forms:

    Fax: 707-562-9055
    Mail: Incident, USFS Pacific Crest Trail, 1323 Club Drive, Vallejo, CA  94592

  2. PCT Incident Report Form—Kern County, CA is a form to use only for PCT incidents occurring in Kern County, CA.

Reporting incidents or suspicious behavior helps the land-managing agencies, law-enforcement officials and the PCTA to become aware of criminal activity, vandalism, resource and facility damage, and possible threats to safety on the Trail. This helps to determine steps that may need to be taken to resolve a situation.

A seemingly isolated incident may be linked to others—if they’re not reported, no one will make that connection.


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