2010 Science Forum

The 2010 Science Forum was convened by the USDA Forest Service with support from Booz Allen Hamilton.  Panels of scientists presented the latest science on topics relevant to the development of the planning rule. The key themes from the science forum will help frame the collaborative discussions at the regional and national roundtables that will follow. 

Webcasts of Opening Remarks: 

  • Ann Bartuska, Deputy Chief for Research and Development, US Forest Service -- Opening remarks not available due to problems with closed captioning
  • Hank Kashdan, Associate Chief, US Forest Service -- Opening Remarks
  • Harris Sherman, Undersecretary for Natural Resources and Environment, USDA -- Opening Remarks
  • Tony Tooke, Director, Ecosystem Management Coordination staff, US Forest Service -- Opening Remarks
  • Secretary Tom Vilsack, USDA -- Opening Remarks

Webcast of Panels and Copies of Their Presentations

Panel 1: Drivers of Ecosystems -- The State of the Science

Video of Panel 1 and opening remarks from Forest Service and USDA leadership (Windows Media File) (Panel presentations start around 40 minutes into the video.)

Copies of the Panelists' Presentations

  • Tom Sisk, Northern Arizona University (pdf | 2.6 mb)
  • Jim Vose, Southern Research Station (pdf | 2.3 mb)
  • Connie Millar, Pacific Southwest Research Station (pdf | 2.7 mb)
  • Max Moritz, University of California, Berkeley (pdf | 2.5 mb)

Panel 2: Using the Current Science to Plan, Manage and Measure at the Landscape Level

Video of Panel 2 (Windows Media File)

Copies of the Panelists' Presentations

Panel 3: Identifying the Best Science Behind Maintaining Plant and Animal Diversity and Identifying the Best Science to Plan and Monitor

Video of Panel 3 (Windows Media File)

Copies of Panelists' Presentations

Panel 4: Social, Cultural, and Economic Dimensions Across the Landscape

Video of Panel 4 (Windows Media File)

  •  Mike Dockry, Forest Service Liaison to College of Menominee Nation Sustainable Development Institute (pdf | 1.3 mb)
  • Rodger Sedjo, Resources for the Future (pdf | 24 k)
  • Randall K. Wilson, Gettysburg College (pdf | 384 k)
  • Spencer Phillips, The Wilderness Society (pdf | 440 k)

Panel 5: Incorporating the Best Available Science into an Implementable and Durable Planning Rule

Video of Panel 5 (Windows Media File)

  •  Clare Ryan, University of Washington (pdf | 213 k)
  • Martin Nie, University of Montana (pdf | 398 k)
  • Tony Cheng, Colorado State University (pdf | 646 k)
  • Chris Liggett, Forest Service Southern Region (pdf | 1.2 mb)
  • Mike Harper, American Institute of Certified Planner (pdf | 3.1 mb)


Further Information

For further information on the Science Forum, please contact:
Martha Twarkins at (202) 205-2935 or Marianne Burke at (202) 205-0992.