2012 Planning Rule Final Directives

USDA Releases 2012 Planning Rule Final Directives for National Forest System Land Management Planning

The final directives, a key set of agency guidance documents that direct the implementation of the 2012 Planning Rule, are now available. These directives, effective January 30, 2015, will help the Forest Service achieve the vision articulated in the 2012 Planning Rule – to protect and restore National Forests and Grasslands for the benefit of communities, natural resources and the environment. The Agency’s intent is to ensure an adaptive land management planning process that is inclusive, efficient, collaborative and science-based to promote healthy, resilient, diverse and productive national forests and grasslands.

Public input into both the proposed planning directives and 2012 planning rule played a critical role in helping the agency design an approach to planning that is adaptive and effective.  In February, 2013, the agency asked for public comment on proposed planning directives.  Over 16,000 comments representing diverse communities and interests from across the country shaped the final planning directives. In addition to the public comments, detailed recommendations from the Federal Advisory Committee (FACA Committee) chartered by the Secretary of Agriculture are reflected in the directives.

2012 Planning Rule Final Directives and related documents:

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