Sly Creek Dam access road temporarily closed

Road damage


Forest Service road #21N16 (Sly Creek Dam access) remains closed following heavy rains in early March 2016. The surface of the road suffered extensive erosion, as did the underneath (not visible from above and extending on both sides of the visible gouge on the hillside) and on the slope below.

The actual road closures on #21N16 are located about 50 feet above the Sly Creek reservoir boat ramp access road and at the intersection of #22N24 (Camel Peak Road).

Note: South Feather Water & Power officials have indicated Lost Creek Dam is also closed for repairs through 2017.

Alternate access to the area includes:

  1. American House (south of La Porte off Plumas Co. road 511) to Devils Gap Rd. (#21N51 to #21N16), continuing down Mooreville Ridge to #20N09 and north on #22N24 to Golden Trout Crossing or,
  2. Via Butte Co. road 27672 through the town of Feather Falls to Lumpkin Ridge Rd. (#22N27) and then south on Rd. #22N24 to Golden Trout Crossing. 

There is no estimated time for repair, pending funding.

Call the Feather River Ranger District at (530) 534-6500 with any questions about alternative access.

Road damage