Advisory Council Meetings

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We anticipate holding the next in-person meeting of the advisory council after members are appointed, likely in fall 2020. This will be a two- or three-day meeting at a location to be determined in Montana, Idaho, or Washington, proximate to the Pacific Northwest Trail. We anticipate holding similar in-person meetings twice a year, in the spring and fall, for the duration of the advisory council.

Information & documentation from past advisory council meetings:

General Meeting Information

All advisory council meetings are open to the public. The agenda will include time for people to make oral statements of three minutes or less. Individuals wishing to make an oral statement should submit a request in writing at least one week in advance to be scheduled on the agenda.  Anyone who would like to bring related matters to the attention of the advisory council may file written statements with the advisory council’s staff before or after the meeting.

Written comments and time requests for oral comments must be sent to Becky Blanchard, PNT Advisory Council Designated Federal Officer, USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Region, 1220 SW 3rd Avenue, Suite 1700, Portland, OR 97204, or by email (preferred) to All comments, including names and addresses when provided, are placed in the record and are available for public inspection and copying. The public may inspect comments received at the Pacific Northwest Regional Office of the USDA Forest Service:  1220 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97204. Please call ahead to 503-808-2449 to facilitate entry into the building.

If you are a person requiring reasonable accommodation, please make requests in advance for sign language interpreting, assistive listening devices, or other reasonable accommodation for access to the facility or proceedings by contacting Becky Blanchard, PNT Advisory Council Designated Federal Officer, by phone at 503-808-2449 or by email: All reasonable accommodation requests are managed on a case by case basis.