Partnership Guide

As the Forest Service increasingly works to manage forest resources through on-the-ground, community-based projects, partnerships – and the resources necessary to design and implement those partnerships – are crucial. The Forest Service Partnership Guide serves as one of those resources.

The Partnership Guide is a tool to help Forest Service employees, experienced partners, and first-time or potential partners work together more effectively and efficiently. The guide answers common questions about the agency’s policies and procedures, helps partners and agency employees anticipate potential hurdles, and provides contacts and other resources to help stakeholders find more specific guidance.

The guide was recently updated to include up-to-date information on a comprehensive suite of partnership topics.  This revised guide has been designed as an online, paperless resource that will continually be updated electronically as policy, best practices, and laws evolve.

Chapter 1

Partnering with the USDA Forest Service

A man sprays water on a bald eagle nestling to cool it down.

Chapter 2

Field Guide to the Forest Service

A work crew uses pulaskis while building trail on the forest.

Chapter 3

Field Guide to Partners

Elementary school children gather around a Forest Service employee outside.

Chapter 4

The Forest Service Volunteer Program

Five members of the Utah Conservation Corps Bilingual Crew work together to move a boulder.

Chapter 5

Formalizing Partnerships through Grants & Agreements

Volunteers pose for a picture while working on a trail re-route.

Chapter 6

Contracting with Partners

A man wearing a Forest Service uniform is with several Eagle Scouts repairing trails on the forest.

Chapter 7


Kids and Line Officer


Chapter 8

Partnership Popular Topics: Questions and Answers

An employee with the Forest Service Wilderness crew stands on a trail with a scenic mountain range.


The 2005 Partnership Guide can still be accessed by clicking here.