Fire and Aviation

  • For current Prescott National Forest fire information (prescribed fire, wildfires, closures and restrictions), follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or call the Prescott NF Fire Information line: 928-925-1111.
  • The Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center is the communications and logistical support center for wildland firefighting in central and western Arizona. 
  • National Interagency Fire Center - Located in Boise, Idaho, is the nationwide clearinghouse for information on current wildland fire status and national situation reports.


Wildland Fire Information & Fire Restrictions


Prescribed Fire

Prescribed burning is one of the most effective tools for restoring healthy ecosystems and meeting desired resource outcomes. It is also the most cost-effective method. (MORE)


Fire Prevention

Fire is a natural part of many ecosystems on the Prescott National Forest; however, wildfires that ignite in certain conditions--such as the hot, dry windy days preceding the monsoon rains that usually start in July--can be catastrophic.  Prevention, as they say, is the best medicine.  (MORE)


Fire Training


Wildland Urban Interface

The Prescott National Forest is actively involved with the Prescott Area Wildland Urban Interface Commission, which is known nationally for its progressive actions in mitigating many of the problems that are caused by America's encroachment into forested areas.

Prescott Helitack

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Prescott Helitack is a 10-person wildland firefighting helicopter crew based on the Prescott National Forest in Central Arizona. The crew provides initial attack and large fire support... (MORE


Prescott Hotshots

Since 1973 when the crew first received Type I status it has gone through many changes with equipment, technology, and training, however the overall job of a Hotshot has not changed. The Prescott Hotshots still remains as an elite, professional, and outstanding crew of Wildland Firefighters. (MORE)