2015 Land & Resources Management Plan for the Prescott National Forest

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What is the Forest Plan?

The revised Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) guides the Prescott National Forest in fulfilling its stewardship responsibilities to best meet the needs of the American people, now and for future generations. It provides direction in the form of desired conditions, objectives, standards, guidelines, and suitability; incorporates the best available science; and provides a framework for adaptive management.

2015 Forest Plan Documents

Forest Plan by Chapter:

Appeals to the 2015 Prescott National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan

Forest Plan Monitoring Transition

A requirement in the Forest Service's 2012 Plan Rule prompted the Prescott National Forest to revise the monitoring chapter of its 2015 Land Management Plan to bring it into compliance. The new monitoring requirements, and the changes implemented to respond to them, are detailed in the Prescott NF Monitoring Transition Report.

Forest Plan Administrative Corrections

Administrative corrections are minor changes to the plan that do not substantively affect the management direction or create additional environmental consequences. These minor changes include the following:

  • Changes made in sections of the plan that are considered “other content” or do not represent plan decisions.
  • Corrections and updates of data published in the plan and minor changes to maps.
  • Changes in projections of timber management activities expected to occur during the planning period.
  • Minor changes in text such as typographical errors and clarification of explanatory text.

The proposed correction must identify the language or map to be corrected, the proposed correction, and the reason for the correction. The public will have an opportunity to comment on the proposed correction within a 30-day period following publication. After reviewing the comments received, the final correction may be published and the plan corrected.

Proposed Corrections:

There are no Proposed Corrections at this time.


Accepted Corrections:


Forest Plan Monitoring and Evaluation Reports

As directed by the Forest Plan, the Prescott National Forest conducts regular monitoring and evaluation of forest resources. Annual reports are available online at Forest Plan Monitoring and Evaluation.


2012 Plan Rule

The Under Secretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources and Environment has signed the final planning rule for land management planning for the National Forest System. The final planning rule was published in the Federal Register on April 9, 2012. The Forest Service will begin implementing the final planning rule 30 days following the publication date.

The final planning rule includes a transition provision that would allow each national forest or grassland that began its plan revision using the 1982 Planning Rule procedures either to continue and complete revision under 1982 Planning Rule procedures or to use the new rule. The Prescott National Forest is continuing plan revision efforts under the 1982 Planning Rule procedures. For more information on the 2012 Planning Rule, see the U.S. Forest Service Plan Revision web site.

For More Information on Prescott National Forest Planning

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