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The Prescott Hotshot Crew places a strong emphasis on fitness. The crew prides themselves in keeping top physical condition and each hotshot focuses on both crew and individual improvement. During training and while not assigned to a fire the hotshots dedicate two hours each day to exercising. The Prescott Fire Center is bound by both paved and dirt roads that provide an excellent place for long runs. A typical day includes stretching as a group, a medium to long run, followed by a strength program designed by the US Navy Seals. We expect each new hire and returnee to be in excellent shape prior to arriving for the first day of work.

The National Interagency Hotshot Crew Operations Guide suggests that each crewmember is able to complete the following physical guidelines:

  • Mile and a Half Run in 10:35 or less
  • 40 Sit-ups in One Minute
  • 25 Push-ups in One Minute
  • Chin-ups are based on body weight:
    • More than 170 lbs = 4 chin-ups
    • 135-170 lbs. = 5 chin-ups
    • 110-135 lbs. = 6 chin-ups
    • Less than 110 lbs. = 7 chin-ups

Keep in mind these are the minimum suggestions. We like to see each crewmember exceed the recommendations.