Prescott National Forest Roads are Not Maintained During Winter Months

Contact(s): Debbie Maneely: 928-443-8130

The Prescott National Forest reminds visitors that the Forest does not remove snow or plow roads during winter months.


Recent storms produced significant accumulation across Yavapai County, catching travelers off guard.  This resulted in vehicles becoming stuck, being stranded, or sliding off of the road.  In light of these events, the Forest Service urges travelers to exercise caution when traveling on Forest Roads during times when snow and inclement weather are possible.  We encourage visitors to be prepared and check local and extended weather forecasts before traveling. Snow removal and plowing are not performed during winter months.  As the snow melts and warmer weather comes to the Prescott Basin, roads will become wet and dangerous. To avoid damage to vehicles and road systems, the Forest encourages visitors to use caution and whenever possible not drive native or aggregate surfaced roads during snow melt and runoff.  In cases where vehicles with visitors become trapped, the Forest will work cooperatively with search and rescue teams, law enforcement, and other partners to get the individuals out safely


There are many reasons why the Forest Service does not plow snow on Forest roads.  Plowing snow on native or aggregate surfaced roads can result in damage due to increased traffic on wet roads. Plowing can encourage travel during unsafe road conditions when roads are muddy or impassable, resulting in costly damage from the inevitable ruts left behind.  Use of appropriated Forest road funding for plowing of snow is not an approved maintenance item and the Forest is not equipped to keep roads open from snow.


Cabin owners and permit holders are reminded that individual snow removal on a National Forest Service road requires a permit, as well as an agreement of liability for damages occurring from snow removal or the resulting traffic on the road.


For specific road condition inquiries or further information, please contact the Bradshaw Ranger District at (928) 443-8000.  


Visitors of the Prescott National Forest can obtain additional information via the following: