Skyline Mechanical Thinning Operations Start This Week on the Bradshaw Ranger District

PRESCOTT, AZ – April 21, 2021— Beginning Tuesday, April 20th and continuing for the next 2 months, a contractor working on the Bradshaw Ranger District will be using heavy equipment to thin approximately 500 acres of the Skyline Fuels Treatment mastication project. Hours of operations will be Monday through Sunday, 7:00am to 6:00pm.  The Skyline Fuels Treatment project area is located south of Iron Springs road and east of Skyline road. In recent months the contractor completed 1,115 acres near Blue Hills.    


As the contractor moves through the area, portions of trails will be periodically closed during hours of operation.  As trails are closed or impacted, information will be shared on the Prescott NF Facebook page.  These trails would be BLM #0729, Juniper Gate #0701, West Side Story Trail #0725, Santa Fe Trail #0709, Spence Creek Trail #0719, Skyline Trail # 0712, Tatanka Trail #0735, Tunnel Vision Trail #0714, Vista Trail #0706, and Javalina Trail #0332.  Please do not enter areas where heavy equipment is operating, approaching such equipment is very dangerous as the operator may not see you. 


Project managers and equipment operators recognize the Spence Basin area is very popular with trail users and this project will temporarily impact trail use.  Heavy equipment operators have been directed not to turn on the surface of the trail tread to limit damage.  The project will masticate both sides of the trails in the project area to reduce hazardous fuels, which will greatly reduce blind corners, improving trail safety, and reducing maintenance needs in the next few years.  We expect that some trails will be covered in masticated debris for a short time after work occurs.      


Mechanical thinning treatments has proven to be an effective hazardous fuels management tool by rearranging/reducing ladder and canopy fuels to the surface to reduce the risk of crown fire, and to increase defensible space.  Completion of this project will improve the health and resiliency of fire-adapted ecosystems while simultaneously reducing hazardous fuels that pose a threat to life and property in the Wildland-Urban Interface.


For more information please contact the Bradshaw Ranger District at (928) 443-8000.


Visitors can obtain additional information by visiting the Prescott National Forest Website: or by following us on Facebook or Twitter.