Prescott National Forest Adopt-a-Trail Program

There are approximately 850 miles of trails on the Prescott National Forest available for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, motorcycle, and OHV riding. Individuals and groups can help maintain these trails and restore or protect resources in the area by “adopting” a trail or a section of trail.  You or your group would return on a continuing basis to ensure the trail that you adopt remains in good condition.  Your help is welcome!

To get started please read our Adopt-A-Trail Manual for an overview of what is required to adopt a trail.  The next step is to look over the documents and trainings required to comple your adoption.  Click here to move forward with Adopting a Trail.  
If you have already adopted a trail please click here to obtain forms and submit accomplished work.

*******Trails Volunteers COVID Addendum This additional document is required until further notice.*******

If you have any questions or comments, please call 928-777-2216, or contact Michael Reveile by email

Current Officially Adopted Trails List:


Instructions for Adopting a Trail 

Before filling out any of the paperwork or gathering certification please contact Michael Reveile at:

  1. Review the Adopt-A-Trail Manual.  Please read through and note the checklist on page 4.  All of the items on the checklist must be completed prior to adopting a trail.  
  2. Please read over the Forest Service Volunteer Handbook.
  3. Review the Hazardous Communications Training.
  4. Review the Blood Borne Pathogens Training.
  5. Once you have completed steps 1 - 4, complete the Adopt-a-Trail Training Acknowledgement form.
  6. Complete the AAT Volunteer Agreement.   
  7. Fill out and return the Emergency Information Form.  This will be given to Prescott NF Dispatch whom you will check in and out with each time you work on your trail.
  8. Review the Adopt-a-Trail Job Hazard Analysis
  9. Complete the Tailgate Accomplishment Form and email to prior to each field day.      
  10. Proof of First Aid/CPR certification is REQUIRED for all individuals interested in adopting a trail.  


Resources for Volunteers with Existing Adopt-a-Trail Agreements

Below are any forms you might need to document work and answer questions concerning your adopted trail.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please call 928-777-2216, or email

1.    Tailgate Safety and Accomplishments Form.  You can also digitally scan or fill out and return to:
2.    Adopt-A-Trail Manual
3.    Forest Service Volunteer Handbook 
4.    Emergency Information Form  Please update and keep this current. 
5.    Job Hazard Analysis 

Submit Work,  or fax it to 928-777-5654, Attn.: Michael Reveile

Key Contacts

Nina Hubbard, Volunteer & Partnership Coordinator

Phone: 928-567-1173



Michael Reveile, Trails & Wilderness Technician

Phone: 928-777-2216
Submit Work 
Group working on a trail

Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance project on Thumb Butte Bypass Trail #326

Woman working on a trail

Member of the Over The Hill Gang working on Goldwater Lakes #396

Man working on a trail

Member of the Over the Hill Gang constructing new trail on Honey Bucket trail #333