Pike-San Isabel National Forests & Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands


The Pike-San Isabel National Forests & Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands covers nearly three million acres from western Kansas and Colorado's highest mountain peaks along the Continental Divide. This landscape offers a variety of ecosystems rich in history, geology, scenery, wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities.

Bear and Blue Lake Campground Hazards

Wind storms have blown down a wide swath of trees in and around Bear Lake Campground and Blue Lake Campground making the area very dangerous for National Forest visitors. Until further notice, both campgrounds, Bear Lake, all Forest Service lands bordered by Forest Service Road 422 beginning and ending at the Indian Trail/Bear Lake Trailhead, and Forest Service Roads 413, 422, 436, including spurs will be closed for the safety of the public. Forest Service 422 from Highway 12 to the Blue Lake fishing parking lot is open and Blue Lake is open to fishing.

Rock Slide on Palmer Trail - Pikes Peak Ranger District

Over Memorial Day weekend there was a rockslide near Colorado Springs on a popular hiking trail known as the Section 16 Trail (also known as the National Forest System Trail 775 or the Palmer Trail). The City of Colorado Springs closed the trail at each trail head for public safety and it will remain closed until the trail is made safe again. We are in the process of having the area evaluated and making a plan for next steps, which may take some time. The bridge on this trail was destroyed and there are large, downed trees across the trail. Know that there a several more, large boulders at the top of the rockslide that still have the potential to fall and seriously injure people. We ask that people respect the barriers closing the trail. Stay tuned for updates.


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    A list of Forest Orders that includes motor vehicle use maps, fire restrictions, closures, and other restricted activities by district.

  • Fire Information

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    The PSICC is one of the priority landscapes for the "Confronting the Wildfire Crisis Strategy". Everything you need to know about the resource work happening from the Front Range to the Grasslands.

  • Special Projects

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    Information about current and proposed projects for watershed restoration, habitat improvement, recreation sites, timber sales, roads and more.

  • Maps and Publications

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    Visitor Maps and publications are available at forest offices. For detailed infroamtion, contact the Ranger District you are visiting and ask to speak with one of our visitor information staff.

  • Passes and Permits

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    Recreation, forest products, events, commercial filming and all other permits you may need.

  • Salida Ranger District Artist in Residence

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    “Art is an important part of how people communicate about the world,” said Salida District Ranger J. Perry Edwards. “Because public lands serve a wide variety of people, we hope the residency artists can help others view the forest in ways we haven’t thought of before." 

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