South Park Fuelwood Information


There are two types of personal use deadwood permits available: Designated Area permits and District-wide permits.

Designated Areas for Downed Deadwood:  In these areas, the deadwood may be dead standing/dead downed, felled and topped, or decked/processed and de-limbed trees. Please ask for options and information, and maps will be provided. These areas are not accessible with district-wide permits. They require a special permit valid only for the designated area. Designated areas are often not accessible during winter months.  Please call in advance to set up an appointment for a Designated Area permit.

District-Wide Deadwood:  For those who prefer to get their deadwood from locations across the District, the following rules apply:

With the exception of habitat trees for wildlife, dead standing and dead down wood can be taken anywhere there is access on the South Park District with the following exceptions:

- Hayman Burn Area (except designated sites)

- Campgrounds or Picnic Grounds

- Current Timber Sale Areas (these areas are marked)

- Administrative Sites

- Eleven Mile Canyon

- Wilderness Areas and Scenic Areas

- Jefferson Lake Recreation Area

- Buffalo Peaks Area So. of CR22 & No. of Antero Jct. (except designated sites)

District-wide deadwood permits are good ONLY on the National Forest in the South Park Ranger District. Permits come with a small map showing District boundaries. It is the permittees' responsibility to make sure they are not on private property. Areas accessible can change frequently, so be sure to follow the map distributed to you at the time of purchase.

Mail-in requests:  The South Park Ranger District implemented procedures to better track the District's fuelwood program on October 1, 2012. Customers wanting to purchase a fuelwood permit will be required to initially purchase their first permit at the Districts office, located at 320 Highway 285, Fairplay, CO, where the customer's information will be entered into the Forest Service permit system.  Customers will be required to show proper photo ID, such as a driver's license or any other form of government approved ID; for additional information please contact the South Park Ranger District at 719-836-2031.  As stated above the new procedures are being implemented to better track fuelwood use and to ensure better service to the public by eliminating the need to visit the office to purchase fuelwood permits. 

After your initial vistit to the office in Fairplay the Forest Service will be able to isuue any subsequent fuelwood permits by mail, eliminating customers need to come to the office. To send in a mail in request simply click on the following link, print off the Mail In Fuelwood Form and send it in with your check or money order. We must receive the Mail In Fuelwood Form or we will not process your request.  Mail in Order Form

Minimum/Maximum Purchase:  Present Cost is $20.00 per cord for District Wide Deadwood permits, with no cord minimum purchase. A maximum of ten cords is allowed per household per calendar year.  Prices on Designated Areas vary, so please call us for more information.

Access:  Most deadwood areas are 2-wheel drive access. Some roads may require high-clearance vehicles. Forest roads are not plowed in the winter. Make sure there is access to where you want to cut wood prior to purchasing permits. Permits are only good for two months from date of issue and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Spring Road Closures: During the spring, from March 1 through June 15, some Forest Service roads are closed to prevent environmental resource damage. Please check with the District Office during this time for road closures in the area you plan to go.


The South Park Ranger District also sells permits for posts-and-poles, cones, boughs, willows, seed, aspen staffs, picture frames, and furniture grade aspen. These permits are issued on an appointment-only basis. Please call the District Office for further information.

We DO NOT sell personal use house logs, commercial transplants or commercial Christmas trees. 

**When fire restrictions are in effect, special conditions may apply for woodcutters**