San Carlos Greenhorn Blowdown, Spruce Beetle Forest Management Project


The San Carlos Ranger District of the San Isabel National Forest proposes to take advantage of the existing road system on Greenhorn Mountain to salvage trees killed or infested by spruce beetles and those blown down by a 2007 wind event. This proposal is also designed to create conditions less favorable to future spruce beetle infestations in nearby non-impacted stands by reducing the density of live trees, diversifying the stand structure, and initiating seedling regeneration.

The analysis area encompasses about 20,000 acres of National Forest System lands located in the Wet Mountains, roughly 45 miles southwest of Pueblo, Colorado. No activities are proposed for roadless lands identified by either the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule or the pending 2007 Colorado Roadless Rule. 

The purpose of the proposed Greenhorn Blowdown, Spruce Beetle and Forest Management Project (also known as the Greenhorn Blowdown Project) is to reduce the adverse effects of an incipient spruce beetle epidemic, create forest conditions less favorable to future beetle infestations and retrieve economic value from forest products. This proposal responds to the goals and objectives outlined in Chapter III of the Land and Resource Management Plan for the Pike and San Isabel Forests (Forest Plan), and helps move the analysis area towards desired conditions described in that plan.

Decision Notice and Finding of no Significant Impact

Legal Notice

Environmental Assessment Greenhorn Blowdown, Spruce Beetle and Forest Management Project

Map 2, Project Areas

Map 3, Alternative B

Map 4, Alternative C