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Photo of Cimarron National Grassland.  Photo taken from side of hill looking south to the Cimarron River Corridor.Welcome to the Cimarron National Grassland, one of twenty National Grasslands administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. Located within Morton and Stevens Counties in southwestern Kansas, the Cimarron National Grassland contains 108,175 acres.

In this state, it is the largest area of public land and the only parcel managed by the Forest Service.

Rock cliffs, cottonwood groves, grassy fields, yucca and sage brush are scattered throughout the land. Elevation ranges from 3,150 to 3,540 feet. Seasonal variety is provided by native grasses and riparian vegetation along the Cimarron River. The geology of the area is sandstone, shale, limestone, sand and gravel.

The drought of the 1930's, known as the "Dust Bowl" era, left the land in poor condition. In 1938 the federal government began purchasing the devastated land to restore it. Originally known as Land Utilization Projects, the lands were renamed Cimarron National Grassland in June 1960. Today the land is managed for wildlife, water conservation, livestock grazing, recreation and minerals production. Federal and private land are interspersed, so please respect the property of others.

The climate here is characterized by mild winters, hot dry summers and cool evenings. Spring and fall seasons have moderate temperatures accompanied by an occasional windy day. Precipitation, usually less than 16 inches per year, is concentrated from April to September. Snowfall is minimal and short-lived.

Bird watching, scenic driving, hunting, picnicking, camping, fishing and experiencing history are favorite activities. Take time to enjoy them while visiting the Cimarron National Grassland.

Elkhart, Morton County seat, is in the southwest corner of Kansas, at the intersection of Highway 56, Highway 27 and Highway 95.

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