Forest Orders (Regulations and Closures)

This list of prohibitions and special orders for the Pike and San Isabel National Forests Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands are subject to change. Regional Restrictions and Regulations are below as well. The authorizing legislation for issuing orders is found at 36 CFR 261.50 (a).


Pike and San Isabel National Forests

Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands

Motor Vehicle Use Map

(PSICC) Motor vehicles and ATVs/ORVs are only permitted on National Forest System lands or roads that are shown on the Motor Vehicle Use Map

2021-23 Order, (Map) (San Carlos) Spanish Peaks Wilderness Use  04/29/2021 04/30/2024
2021-22 Order, (Map) (San Carlos) Greenhorn Mountain Wilderness Use 04/29/2021 04/30/2024
2021-16 Order, (Map) (San Carlos) S. Hardscrabble Overnight Camping Restriction 04/27/2021 12/31/2025
2021-15 Order, (Map, State Law) (San Carlos, Salida, South Platte, Pikes Peak, Leadville) Orders Pertaining to Lakes 04/29/2021 04/30/2022
2021-13 Order, (Map, Trails) (South Platte) Seasonal Road and Trail Closures-Mud Season 04/06/2021 06/15/2021
2021-11 Order, (Map, State Law) (South Platte, Pikes Peak, Leadville) Orders Pertaining to Lakes 03/16/2021 03/15/2022
2021-10 Order, (Map, Definitions) (Soth Platte, Pikes Peak, South Park, Leadville, Salida, San Carlos) Food Storage Order 03/16/2021 03/15/2022
2021-09 Order, (Map A, Map B) (PSICC) Manufactured Target Order 03/15/2021 03/14/2022
2021-08 Order, (Map) (Pikes Peak) Waldo Canyon Burn Area Restriction 03/16/2021 03/15/2022
2021-07 Order, (Map) (Pikes Peak) Crags Occupancy and Use Restriction 03/16/2021 03/15/2022
2021-06 Order, (Map) (Pikes Peak) Old Stage and Gold Camp Road Occupancy and Use Restriction 03/16/2021 03/15/2022
2021-05 Order, (Map) (South Park) Eagle Rock and Observatory Rock Occupancy and Use Seasonal Restriction 03/08/2021 03/08/2026

2021-04 Order,

(Map A, Map B)

(South Park) LaSalle, Elevenmile Seasonal Restriction 03/09/2021 03/08/2026
2021-03 Order, (Map) (Leadville) Ski Cooper Tenn. Pass Nordic Center Occupancy and Use Restriction 02/09/2021 02/08/2026
2021-02 Order, (Map) (Pikes Peak) NFSR 332.CA Closure 01/27/2021 08/31/2021
2020-12 Order, (Map) (Pikes Peak) Crags Seasonal Closure 12/01/2020 05/15/2021
2020-25 Order, (Map) (San Carlos, Salida) Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Use Restriction Order 7/24/2020 7/24/2021
2020-24 Order, (Map) (South Platte) Devil's Head Seasonal Closure Order (Peregrine Falcon Protection) 7/14/2020 7/14/2025
2020-22 Order, (Map) (Salida) North Fork Campground Closure 07/01/2020 07/01/2021
2020-21 Order, (Map) (Salida) Decker Fire Area Use Restriction Order 06/09/2020 06/09/2025
2020-06 Order, (Map) (San Isabel NF) Seasonal Closure for East Bear Gulch Trail 03/16/2020 08/1/2023
2020-02 Order, (Map) (Leadville, South Park, Pikes Peak) Buffalo Peaks Wilderness Occupancy and Use Restrictions 4/20/2020 04/25/2025
2018-08 (PSI) Holy Cross Wilderness Restrictions 05/21/2018 05/08/2023
2018-02 (Salida) Castle Rock Seasonal Restriction 03/26/2018 03/26/2023
2017-12 (Pikes Peak) Bear Creek Watershed Restoration Project 06/27/2017 06/27/2022
2017-11 (South Platte) Designated Camping and Parking Areas 05/10/2017 05/10/2022
2017-02 Order, (Map) (South Platte) Wintertime restrictions on motor vehicle use  01/16/2017 12/31/2021
2016-15 (PSI) Seasonal prohibition of motor vehicles on roads and trails 11/01/2016 11/01/2021
2003-03 (PSICC) Prohibition on camping in areas posted as closed to camping 05/02/2003 until rescinded
1999-06 (Pike NF) Prohibitions on uses on Trail 661 and Severy Creek 11/04/1999 until rescinded
1997-10 (South Park) Seasonal restrictions on having dogs near Section House and Wagon Cabin 12/05/1997 until rescinded
1997-09 (Pikes Peak) Prohibitions during annual Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb Race 11/21/1997 until rescinded
1997-01 (Pike NF) Prohibition of motor vehicles except snowmobiles on FR 565 02/27/1997 until rescinded
1996-10 (PSI) Prohibitions on uses in Mt. Massive Wilderness 05/28/1996 until rescinded
1996-09 (PSI) Prohibitions on uses in Collegiate Peaks Wilderness 06/03/1996 until rescinded
1995-04 (Pike NF) Temporary road closures between March 1 and June 15 05/11/1995 until rescinded
1993-11 (San Isabel NF) Seasonal road closures 06/11/1993 until rescinded
1993-10 (Pike NF) Prohibitions on uses in Mt. Evans Wilderness 05/13/1993 until rescinded
1993-09 (Pike NF) Prohibitions on uses in Lost Creek Wilderness 05/12/1993 until rescinded
1992-05 (South Park) Prohibition on use of motor vehicles not having a state license plate 05/21/1992 until rescinded
1990-06 (PSICC) Prohibition on using motor vehicles on parts of Alpine Tunnel Road 06/25/1990 until rescinded
1990-02 (PSI) Seasonal prohibition on entry to Queen's Canyon Quarry 11/20/1989 until rescinded
1989-13 (PSICC) Using motorized vehicles on certain trails 07/10/1989 until rescinded
1989-12 (Pike NF) Monument Nursery Headquarters prohibition of entry 07/10/1989 until rescinded
1989-09 (Pike NF) Prohibition on use of motor vehicles not having a state license plate 04/24/1989 until rescinded
1988-06 (Pike NF) Restrictions in Lower / Upper Canyon Strontia Springs 08/18/1988 until rescinded
1988-03 (PSI) Seasonal prohibition on access to Speciman Rock 03/08/1988 until rescinded
1987-03 (South Park) Permanent prohibition on use of motorized vehicles on FR 228 03/30/1987 until rescinded
1985-00 (San Carlos) Hunting and shooting prohibitions at Lake Isabel 09/19/1985 until rescinded

PSICC - All Districts of the Pike and San Isabel National Forests Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands

PSI - All districts except the Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands

San Isabel NF - San Carlos Ranger District, Salida Ranger District, Leadville Ranger District

Pike NF - South Platte Ranger District, South Park Ranger District, Pikes Peak Ranger District


Rocky Mountain Region Orders

R2-1996-01 (Regionwide) Wheeled Vehicles in Wilderness 03/21/1999 Until Rescinded
R2-2020-04 (Regionwide) Occupancy & Use Restrictions 01/01/2021 12/31/2024
R2-2020-05 (Regionwide) Weed Free Forage Products Order 01/01/2021 12/31/2024
R2-2019-01 (Regionwide) Cave Access 07/31/2019 07/31/2021
R2-2020-03 (Regionwide) Exploding Target Restriction 08/03/2020 12/31/20222


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(Regionwide) Urban Front Country Occupancy and Use Regulations

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