Fire Information

To Report a Fire: Call 911 OR the Pueblo Interagency Dispatch Center at 719-553-1600. 

Help us prevent wildfire by being aware of current fire dangers and restrictions.

Fire PIO phone for media: (719) 229-1567


NOTICE: We can provide specific local fire information and answer directly related questions. However, we are currently not doing oral/on-camera interviews regarding issues related to coronavirus. We can answer those questions in writing. This policy was implemented in order to make sure forests and units remain in alignment and avoid any confusion as this is an unprecedented time with a lot of information and moving parts.

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Pueblo Dispatch: @pidc

Graphic: A n image of the Inciweb fire map

Active Fire Info.

For active national fire information visit Inciweb. The official interagency website for wildfires and all-risk incidents.

Also visit the Alerts and Notices section for fire updates & info.

snapshot of interactive fire restriction map

Fire Restrictions

When conditions on the forests and grasslands become critically dry fire staff will often enact fire restrictions for public safety. 

Check for current fire restrictions.

A low intensity surface fire burns pine needles below a Ponderosa Pine

Fire Management

Fire management combines elements of fire prevention, fire suppression, and fire use. Wise use of fire approximates the historical role of fire and enhances long-term wildland values. Learn about our fire program.

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Firewise Tips

Help reduce the risk of wildfire damage and loss by learning more about the Firewise USA™ program, which provides tools and resources to help minimize your exposure to wildfire hazards.

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