Fire Management

Fire ImageFire management combines elements of fire prevention, fire suppression, and fire use.

Wildland fire is inevitable in North American ecosystems. Most wildland fire must be suppressed to meet resource and social objectives. Wise use of fire approximates the historical role of fire and enhances long-term wildland values.

Effectively managing forest fuels and dealing with wildfires requires coordination between the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, other agencies, and communities.

Active National Fire Information

For Active National Fire Information - get the latest from Inciweb. The official interagency website for wildfires and all-risk incidents.

There are numerous opportunities to get information on wildfires. We encourage you to seek official sources to ensure you are getting accurate information. The PSICC regularly uses our official twitter account to direct users to the appropriate fire information locations which could include other social media platforms and web sites.

The PSICC Twitter handle is @PSICC_NF

For PSICC Fire Information visit the PSICC Fire Information Blog

Prescribed Fire

Report a Fire Call 911

To report a wildfire call 911 OR the Pueblo Interagency Dispatch Center at 719-553-1600.

When you call, please be prepared to advise the dispatcher of the following information, if you have it:

  • Your name
  • Your location
  • Your phone number
  • Direction you are seeing the smoke/fire in
  • Exact or approximate location of the fire/smoke
  • Best way to access the fire location (only if you are certain of this access)
  • Color of the smoke
  • Height of the smoke column
  • Direction the smoke column is moving (fast or slow as well)
  • Anything in the area that might be hazardous to responders

Fire Restrictions

When conditions on the forests and grasslands become critically dry and long term weather forecasts predict hot, dry and windy weather with little relief in sight, the PSICC will often enact fire restrictions that prohibit some uses of wildfire causing activities on the forest. Please see our Alerts & Notices page to see if fire restriction are in effect where you plan to visit. We also encourage visitors to contact our Ranger Stations so you will “Know Before You Go.”

Colorado State Fire Ban and Danger Information

You Tube Videos explaining Stage 1 and Stage 2 Fire Restrictions:

Fire Program 

Find out about our firefighting program and forces, including Interagency Hotshot Crews in the Rocky Mountain area.

Fire Archives

The Fire Archives page has been created to provide information on large fire incidents and other significant fire activity that occurred on the Pike and San Isabel National Forests and Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands during previous fire seasons.