The South Platte Protection Plan (SPPP)

The South Platte Enhancement Board – the SPPP’s governing body, awards grants to projects that benefit the South Platte River within an area that reaches from Elevenmile Reservoir to Strontia Springs on the mainstem, and from Insmont to Two Forks to the North Fork.

The South Platte’s outstanding resource values include its geology, scenic vistas, fisheries, recreation opportunities, wildlife, historical and cultural legacy.

Key elements of the SPPP include:

Streamflow Management Plan: A cooperative agreement that addresses streamflows and temperatures - drafted by representatives from the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Denver Water, Aurora and Trout Unlimited.

Watershed Management Initiative: An adjunct to the SPPP process that evolved into the Coalition for the Upper South Platte.

A one million dollar endowment – provided by Front Range water providers - to fund projects that benefit the upper South Platte and its North Fork.

The South Platte Enhancement Board:  A 17-member stakeholder group charged with managing the endowment, advocating cooperative protection of the river corridor, distributing grant funds, building awareness of the South Platte’s value as a major water source as well as a cherished resource legacy, and serving as both a forum for public issues and concerns.

To read the South Platte Protection Plan click here.


SPEB grant applications are accepted each year with a deadline on or aroun June 1. Award announcements are made in late August. To download the 2010 South Platte Enhancement Board's Grant Announcement, click here.

Successful projects will benefit wildlife, water quality, geology, fisheries, recreation, scenic vistas or historical/cultural sites within the river corridor from Strontia Springs Reservoir to Elevenmile Reservoir on the mainstem, and from Strontia Springs to Insmont on the North Fork.

SPEB grant applications are evaluated according to:

1) the degree to which the project provides for enhancement, restoration, or conservation of identified resource or historical/cultural values,
2) the effectiveness of project planning and design,
3) potential partnerships and funds-matching,
4) ongoing maintenance requirements, and
5) how well the project supports or builds on existing resources.

Inquiries/requests for application packets:
USPS: P.O. Box 40940 Denver CO 80204
Phone Inquiries:
Steve Dougherty, Grants Chair: 303-830-1188
Don Kennedy, Treasurer: 303-628-6528