Cimarron National Grassland to Host National Grasslands Manager's Meeting

Release Date: May 10, 2017  

Contact(s): Lance Brown

USDA Forest Service

Rocky Mountain Region

Pike & San Isabel National Forests, Cimarron & Comanche National Grasslands


Cimarron National Grassland

242 Hwy. 56E

Elkhart, KS 67950


Liberal, KS, May 10, 2017The Cimarron National Grassland will be in the spotlight next week as National Grassland managers from all over the nation meet.  U.S. Forest Service employees, permittees, and non-profit partner organizations responsible for care of these lands will discuss how to best continue delivering benefits to the American public with sound management practices.  The meeting will include a tour of the Cimarron National Grasslands to highlight successful livestock grazing management, oil and gas development, and recreation opportunities. 


The 108,175 acre Cimarron National Grassland in southwestern Kansas is one of 21 National Grasslands administered by the U.S. Forest Service.  On average nearly 5,300 head of cattle graze on the Cimarron each season.  It is the largest area of public land in Kansas and the only parcel managed by the U.S. Forest Service.  Tourists from all over the region come to the Cimarron in Morton and Stevens Counties to enjoy bird watching, scenic driving, hunting, picnicking, camping, fishing, and to the experience unique aspects of American history.


The drought of the 1930s, known as the "Dust Bowl" era, left the land in poor condition.  In 1938 the federal government began purchasing the devastated land to restore it. Originally known as Land Utilization Projects, the lands were renamed Cimarron National Grassland in June 1960. This week National Grassland managers will be discussing how to continue providing benefits to the public derived from the National Grasslands.


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