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Fuelwood and Transplant Permits 

Fuelwood and transplant permits cannot be purchased online. Please contact your nearest district office for detailsPost and pole permits, tribal permits, and commercial permits may also be available. 

Christmas Trees  

Christmas tree permits for all the ranger districts can be purchased online. Most districts also offer in-person and/or mail-in purchasing options without quotas, so permits will not sell out. However, permits for South Platte Ranger must be purchased online and are limited, so they may sell out.

The cost is $20 per tree (limit 5 per family) for the Pike National Forest districts: South Platte, South Park, and Pikes Peak. The cost is $10 per tree (limit 2 per family) for the San Isabel Nation Forest districts: Leadville, Salida, and San Carlos.

 Buy A Permit

Child in toy car with Christmas tree on the roof

  • Be sure of the area you are purchasing a permit for.
  • Each permit has a unique number associated with it, so permits purchased through the website must be printed to be valid.
  • Visitors should display the printed permit on the dash of their vehicle on the day they visit the forest to cut their tree.
  • Visitors must establish a account to purchase a permit and may access their permit through their account at any time.
  • The funds from Christmas tree permits purchased through the system will go back to the participating Forest through Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA) funding requirements.
  • Fourth-grade students with an Every Kid Outdoors pass can apply for a free Christmas Tree permit through the online system with by selecting the option and then entering their voucher or pass number when prompted.

Forest health is important, by removing these smaller trees you are contributing to the overall wellbeing of the forest and reducing fire danger. Persons cutting or removing trees from the National Forest without a valid permit are subject to a fine of up to $5000 and/or 6 months imprisonment.