Smoke Management

The Northern Region Smoke Management program maintains collaborative relationships with our interagency partners and regulatory agencies including the Department of Environmental Quality and Environmental Protection Agency. Together we strive to balance the ecosystem’s need for fire and our mandate to protect public health and welfare. Smoke Management provides protection of special airsheds and monitoring.

The Northern Region Air Quality program uses appropriate air quality law, regulation, policy and science to protect natural resources, including visibility, from adverse effects of human-caused air pollution. The program supports wildland fire management activities through the enhancement of collaborative relationships and effective communication between regulatory agencies and Fire, Aviation and Air leaders.

The National Wildlife Coordinating Group (NWCG) Smoke Management web site ( provides up-to-date information about many aspects of smoke management, including tools for managing smoke, state and federal regulations and policies, emissions, publications, training, and links to other important information.

Smoke Monitoring

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