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Forest Health Protection
       Northern Region 1 and Intermountain Region 4

Aviation Program

The Forest Health Protection (FHP) Aviation Program in Regions 1 and 4 conduct annual insect and disease detection surveys, primarily using fixed-wing aircraft.  Most flights are for aerial sketch map surveys and aerial photography.  However, FHP may also contract aircraft for aerial spraying associated with insect suppression, eradication, spray trails, or study/research projects.



The purpose of an Aerial Detection Survey (ADS) is to:

  • Detect new outbreaks or identify previously undetected outbreaks of forest pests
  • Monitor existing outbreaks
  • Provide timely information for management planning
  • Provide information for forest health assessments and project plans.


Survey Season

Aerial sketchmap surveys for insect and disease damage begin the first part of July continuing through the end of September and often into October.  Survey flights take off 8 or 9 am. and concluded before 3 pm to take advantage of optimal light conditions.


Survey Patterns

Aerial sketchmap surveys for insect and disease damage are flown in two basic patterns: 


Flying in a grid pattern

Flying in a contour pattern








The results of these surveys are digitized for a GIS layer and then summarized as part of the forest insect and disease conditions reports.

Aerial Detection Survey (ADS) Maps for 2014 

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Region 1 area maps 2014
Region 4 area maps 2014

Click here for the Southern Idaho area mapsClick here for the Utah area mapsClick here for the Northern Idaho areasClick here for the Western Wyoming mapsClick here for the Nevada mapsClick here for the Montana Area mapsGraphic of the states in Region 1 and 4

Archive Maps

ADS Previous UserMaps Database (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012)