Northern Region Fire Hire

Permanent Fire Positions

Hiring for 2022 positions through September 27. 2021

Page Updated: September 20, 2021

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Northern Region 1 Fire Hire 2022 Outreach Notice

Permanent Forestry Aid/Technician Positions GS-0462-03 through GS-0462-07

The US Forest Service Northern Region is outreaching for the yearly hiring event known as “Fire Hire.”  The Fire Hire event for 2022 positions is occurring earlier than in previous years. 

Announcements will be opening to apply for many permanent fire positions for the 2022 fire season.  In addition, several Open Continuous Register (OCR) announcements are open that R1 will be utilizing to fill positions in Fire Hire 2022. 

Fire crew in wildland gear with a helicopter just above their heads.The Northern Region fills 150 to over 200 permanent fire positions across 10 National Forests and Grasslands in Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota. Specialized positions include dispatch, engine crews, fire and fuels management, hotshot crews, hand crews, helitack, smokejumpers, and prevention.  All positions could engage in a spectrum of fire management activities including, contributing to fire suppression efforts, performing project work such as fuel inventories, preparing associated reports, and hazardous fuels reduction projects.  Region 1 will be filling permanent full time and permanent seasonal fire and fuels positions ranging from GS-0462-03 to GS-0462-07.

The Fire Hire process is used to standardize hiring of permanent fire positions to provide consistent practices around the Region and throughout the agency.  Fire Hire is currently utilizing a Direct Hire Authority, which has been granted by OPM for the Forest Service to fill critical positions in an accelerated manner.  The announcements are open to the public, but many require NWCG qualifications.  Each announcement will define what the requirements are.

The vacancy announcements for these positions will be posted on the US Government's official website for employment opportunities at USAJOBS.

When searching for positions in USAJOBS, please note, hiring utilizes a range of announcements including single vacancy announcements (SVAs) with open/close dates, some on National OCRs, and some on Regional OCRs. 

All announcements can be searched in USAJOBS by keyword "22-FIRE."

R1 Fire Hire positions and Vacancy Announcement numbers

The following tables outline Fire Hire positions, application timelines, and direct links to USAJOBs (as available at the time).

As of August 23, 2021, Single Vacancy Announcement (SVA) numbers are not active yet in USAJobs and could change slightly.

Please note, there are two different application deadlines – SVAs close 9/27/2021 and the OCR deadline is 9/15/2021.

Air Tanker Base Technician GS-5 22-FIRE-R1FALL-AIRTANK-5DH Sept. 8 – 27, 2021
Air Tanker Assistant Base Technician GS-6/7 22-FIRE-R1FALL-AIRTANK-67DH Sept. 8 – 27, 2021
Engine - Senior Firefighter GS-4/5 22-FIRE-R1FALL-ENGSRFF-45DH Sept. 8 – 27, 2021
Engine - Assistant Fire Engine Operator GS-5/6 22-FIRE-R1FALL-AFEO-56DH Sept. 8 – 27, 2021
Firefighter - Forestry Aid / Forestry Technician GS-3/4 22-FIRE-R1FALL-FFTR-34DH Sept. 8 – 27, 2021
Firefighter - Wildland Fire Apprentice GS-3/4/5 22-FIRE-R1FALL-WFAP-345DH Sept. 8 – 27, 2021
Handcrew - Squad Leader GS-5/6 22-FIRE-R1FALL-HCREW-56DH Sept. 8 – 27, 2021
Helitack - Senior Firefighter GS-4/5 22-FIRE-R1FALL-HTKSRFF-45DH Sept. 8 – 27, 2021
IHC - Senior Firefighter GS-4/5 22-FIRE-R1FALL-IHCHCRW-45DH Sept. 8 – 27, 2021
Smokejumper GS-5/6 22-FIRE-R1FALL-SMKJMPR-56DH Sept. 8 – 27, 2021
Smokejumper Squad Leader GS-7 22-FIRE-R1FALL-SMKSQLDR-7DH Sept. 8 – 27, 2021
Engine - Engine Operator (High Complexity) GS-6/7 22-FIRE-R1R4OCR-FEOH-67DH Aug. 2 –
Sept. 15, 2021
Fire Prevention Technician (Secondary Firefighter) GS-6/7 22-FIRE-R146OCR-PREV2-67DH Aug. 2 –
Sept. 15, 2021
Fuels Technician GS-6/7 22-FIRE-R146OCR-DFUEL-67DH Aug. 2 –
Sept. 15, 2021
Handcrew Assistant Supervisor (High Complexity)  GS-6/7 22-FIRE-R146OCR-HCREWH-67DH Aug. 2 –
Sept. 15, 2021
Dispatch Initial Attack Dispatcher GS-4/5/6/7 22-FIRE-NOCR-IADISP-4567DH Aug. 2 –
Sept. 15, 2021
Handcrew Supervisor (Moderate Complexity) GS-6/7 22-FIRE-NOCR-HCREWM-67DH Aug. 2 –
Sept. 15, 2021
Helitack Squadleader GS-6/7 22-FIRE-NOCR-HTKSQLR-67DH Aug. 2 –
Sept. 15, 2021
IHC Squad Leader GS-6/7 22-FIRE-NOCR-IHCSQLDR-67DH Aug. 2 –
Sept. 15, 2021

The Process and Timeline

Starry night sky at Sliderock. Fire rigs are parked at base of mountain.August 2, 2021 – Outreach.  In addition to this outreach, units may outreach for currently vacant permanent fire positions utilizing the same vacancy announcement numbers.

August 2, 2021 ─ OCRs for Target Grade GS-7 Positions OPEN in USAJOBS.

September 8, 2021 ─ Single Vacancy Announcements (SVA) OPEN in USAJOBS.

September 15, 2021 – OCR Application DEADLINE.

To be considered, applicants must complete the application process and submit all required documents electronically by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET).

September 27, 2021 ─ SVA Application DEADLINE.

To be considered, applicants must complete the application process and submit all required documents electronically by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on the closing date of the announcement.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for multiple locations (where they would accept a position if offered), even if positions for certain locations in which you are interested are not listed as vacant. Vacancies may occur during the hiring process and could be filled during Selection Week.

September 27, 2021 – HR Qualification Review period begins.  Applicants may receive qualification review notices from USAJOBS / HR in this timeframe.

November 8, 2021 – Hiring Managers will begin the hiring process.

All applicants who have applied to the announcements on or before the listed closing date and are found to be qualified will be referred for consideration. Applicants should check the status of their application during this time in USAJobs.

November 15 – 19 2021 ─ Supervisory Reference Checks and possibleFirefighter sharpening chain saw with file Interviews (this timeframe is an estimate).  Ensure your references and supervisors are notified and available at the email address (preferred) or phone number provided on your application.

November 29 – December 10, 2021 ─ Selections.  Representatives from each unit will make recommendations for hiring.  It is critical to be available via phone and email during this time.

March, 2022 ─ Anticipated effective date (report to duty).

Direct Hire Authority

These positions will be filled utilizing a Direct-Hire Authority.  All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications, to include any selective placement factor(s), if applicable, will be referred to the selecting official.

Preference Eligibility (Veterans Preference), Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act (LMWFA), and traditional rating and ranking of applicants is not applicable within Direct Hire Authority.

Who May Apply

Smokejumper floating down with a parachute from a jump.Applications can be submitted from any U.S. citizen.  Interagency Fire Program Management (IFPM) and Forest Service – Fire Program Management (FS-FPM) qualifications must be met prior to vacancy closing date.  A current copy of your IQCS Master Record will be required for most positions.  Before a certificate is issued to the selecting official, the resume and attached documentation is reviewed to ensure you meet all qualification requirements.

Interagency Fire Program Management (IFPM) and Forest Service – Fire Program Management (FS-FPM) qualifications must be met prior to vacancy closing date.

A current copy of your IQCS Master Record will be required for most positions in this outreach because of these qualification requirements.

Transfer of Station

Transfer of Station expenses will not be offered for selected candidates in Region 1.  Selected applicants may qualify for incentives in accordance with agency policy.

How to Apply

Print and read the entire announcement and all the instructions before you begin.  Address specialized experience in your resume as denoted in “how you will be evaluated”.

Create a USAJOBS account

(If you do not already have one) at As part of your profile, set up automatic email notification to be informed of status of your application as it changes.  Without automatic notification, you must log into your USAJOBS account to check on the status of your application.

Create a Resume with USAJOBS or upload a Resume into your USAJOBS account.

Customize your resume to ensure it documents duties and accomplishments you have that directly relate to the position to verify qualifications are met.  Your resume must directly support your responses to the online questionnaire.  Preview the questionnaire at the link at the end of the “How You Will Be Evaluated” section.

Apply Online

Photo of three fire crew members in wildland gear reviewing a map on a field table.Within the vacancy announcement for which you are applying, click “Apply Online”.  Follow the prompts to complete the Questionnaire, to attach documentation, and to submit. Your application and attached documents can be edited anytime while the announcement is open by selecting “Update Application” under "Application Status".

The following documents are examples of what may be required and/or attached to constitute a complete application package.  It is your responsibility to ensure all required documents are current copies, correctly attached, within the required timeframe, and legible. Read the entire announcement for requirements.

  • Resume that includes the following information: 1) job information for which you are applying; 2) personal information; 3) education; 4) work experience, including start/stop dates and hours worked per week; and, 5) other qualifications (including IQCS/IQS Master Record).
    • Applicants should include a COVER LETTER outlining their current situation, desired/acceptable location(s), current home and work address, and any additional information to assist the hiring managers in making decisions.  Resumes should include document headers with the applicant name.
    • If a document is resubmitted, it replaces the previous submission, which means the previous document is no longer available to the Human Resources Office. If you are adding to, rather than replacing a previous submission, you must upload both the old document and the new document.
  • IQCS Master Record showing your current training and qualifications.
  • College Transcripts if education is required for meeting basic qualifications and/or you are substituting education for specialized experience. An unofficial copy is sufficient with the application, however, if selected, an official college transcript will be required.
  • Certification of Disability if you are eligible based on a disability under the Schedule A hiring authority.
  • Proof of Eligibility if you are eligible for appointment based on service in the Peace Corps, Vista, Action Cooperative, or other special authority.
  • CTAP/ICTAP documentation if separated from Federal Service or pending separation based on a reduction-in-force (RIF) or other management workforce reduction action.

Human Resources Office Contact Information

HRM Contact Center
Phone: 877-372-7248 Option 2
TDD: 800-877-8339

R1 Forest / Grassland Fire Management Contacts (August 2021)

Outreach response forms should go directly to the Fire Management contacts for each Forest/Grassland and District listed below. National Forest Specific information about the position(s) and duty location(s) is available from the units.  Your response is important if you are interested in filling a position through the Fire Hire process. Read more the Northern Region Forests and Grasslands.

  • Aerial Fire Depot National Forest – Tory Kendrick / Charles Savoia
    • Missoula Smokejumper Base – 406-329-4894
    • Missoula Tanker Base – Jared Bohrman 406-829-7328
  • Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest – Brian Anderson
    • Anaconda Job Corps – Jason Willoughby Fire Program Manager 406-563-8711
    • Butte Jefferson District – Kevin Smith DFMO 406-491-0202
    • Dillon District – Aaron Knudson DFMO 775-846-3056
    • Wisdom/Wise River District – Eric Riener DFMO 406-832-3178
    • Wise River Helitack – Bert Smith FAO 505-206-0784
    • Madison District – Jim King DFMO 406-682-4253
    • Pintler District – Jerod Russell DFMO 208-946-6803
    • Dillon Interagency Dispatch – David Mosher 406-683-3991
  • Bitterroot National Forest – Mark Wilson / Matt Young
    • Stevensville District – Warren Appelhans DFMO 406-777-7436
    • Darby / Sula Districts – Richard Griffin DFMO 406-821-4258
    • West Fork District – Doug DeMoss DFMO 406-821-1243
    • Trapper Creek Job Corps – William Hall Job Corp AFMO 406-821-2159
    • Hamilton Interagency Dispatch – Joy Williamson 406-363-7125
    • Bitterroot IHC – John “Jay” Wood 406-821-4253
    • Bitterroot Helitack – John McKee 406-361-3251
  • Custer Gallatin National Forest – Scott Schuster
    • Ashland District – Scott Studiner DFMO 406-784-2344
    • Beartooth District – Jeff Flick DFMO 406-446-4538
    • Bozeman / Hebgen Districts – Caleb Schreiber 406-522-2546
    • Yellowstone District – Ashley Sites DFMO 406-823-6075
    • West Yellowstone Smokejumper Base – Knute Olson 406-646-7691
    • Bozeman Interagency Dispatch – Gaylen Yeates 406-624-3831
  • Dakota Prairie National Forest – Justin Kincaid / Lee Nelson
    • McKenzie Medora District – Shane Tosse 701-842-8517
  • Flathead National Forest – Rick Connell
    • Hungry Horse / Glacier View District – Andy Huntsberger DFMO 406-249-5786
    • Spotted Bear District – Jim Flint DFMO 406-758-5376 / 406-387-3832
    • Swan Lake – Brett Pargman DAFMO 406-837-7549
    • Tally Lake District – Manny Mendoza DFMO 406-758-3522
    • Flathead Helitack – Tom Rawlings 406-387-3864
    • Flathead IHC – Shawn Borgen 406-387-3836
    • Kalispell Interagency Dispatch – 406-758-5260
  • Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest – Kendal Wilson / David Nunn
    • Belt Creek / White Sulphur Springs District – Kip Colby detailed DFMO 406-547-6015
    • Helena-Townsend District – Mike Kaiser detailed DZFMO 406-495-3931
    • Judith-Musselshell District – Matt Plagenz detailed DZFMO 406-566-2292
    • Lincoln District – Jarel Kurtz DFMO 406-362-7031
    • Rocky Mountain District – Kyle Inabnit DFMO 406-562-3247
    • Helena IHC – Fred Thompson 406-495-3921
    • Lewis and Clark IHC – Willie Knudsen 406-791-7759
    • Central Montana Helitack – Josh Ingle 406-495-3833 / Jay Lindgren FAO 406-495-3832
    • Helena Interagency Dispatch – Kim Beaver 406-449-5475
    • Great Falls Interagency Dispatch – Travis Collier 406-731-5311
  • Idaho Panhandle National Forests – Mike Behrens / Shawn Pearson
    • Bonners Ferry District – Lee Colson 208-267-6756
    • Coeur d’ Alene District – Sam Gibbons DFMO 208-769-3035 / Terry Zufelt DAFMO 208-769-3036
    • Priest Lake District – Glen Palfrey 208-443-6824
    • Sandpoint District – Eric Morgan DAFMO 208-265-6674
    • St. Joe District – Greg Juvan DFMO 208-245-6012 / Jerrod Scheffelmaier DAFMO 208-245-6218
    • Panhandle Helitack – Randy Gaulrapp 208-920-0077
    • Coeur d’Alene Interagency Dispatch – Destry Scheel 208-660-4134
  • Kootenai National Forest – Dan Rose
    • Cabinet District – 406-827-0709 – Dusty Pierson DFMO
    • Libby District – 406-283-7597 – Jeff Stevenson DFMO
    • Rexford District – 406-296-7138 – RJ McDole DFMO
    • Three Rivers District – 406-295-7477 Beau Macy DAFMO
    • Kootenai Interagency Dispatch – 406-283-7740
  • Lolo National Forest – Colt Mortenson / Greg Jacobson
    • Missoula District – 406-329-3852 – Jesse Kurpius DFMO
    • Ninemile District – 406-626-5422 – Dewey Arnold DFMO
    • Plains District – 406-826-4340 – Scott Schrenk DFMO
    • Seeley Lake District – 406-677-3915 – Phil Shelmerdine DFMO
    • Superior District – 406-822-3943 – Jim Ward DFMO
    • Lolo IHC – Shawn Faiella – 406-329-3808
    • Missoula Interagency Dispatch – Carrie Moore 406-829-7050
  • Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest – Kevin Pfister kevin.pfister@usda.go
    • Lochsa District – 208-926-6419 – Sean Gaines DFMO
    • Moose Creek District – 208-926-8948 – Jon Norman DFMO
    • North Fork District – 208-476-8251 – Brandon Skinner DFMO
    • Palouse District – 208-875-1702 – Lisa Spinelli DFMO
    • Powell District – 208-942-0344 – Brandon Cichowski DFMO
    • Red River District – 208-842-2123 – Chris Marabetta  DFMO
    • Salmon River District – 208-839-2141/208-983-1886 – Josh Bransford  DFMO
    • Grangeville Interagency Dispatch – 208-983-6800
  • For questions regarding overall Fire Hire process, contact Lily Huskey at or 406-590-1764.

    Things to keep in mind when applying

    • Vacancy Announcements in USAJOBS will give examples of specialized experience for each position. Ensure your resume matches the listed specialized experience requirement in plain language. This should be listed under a work experience that shows title, series, grade, and time period (include dates and hours/week) performed so HR can properly credit.
    • Ensure all required documents are attached to your application.  Review them for accuracy and currency.  Ensure you have a current IQCS Master Record.
    • Allow adequate time to apply for positions.  The USAJobs application process takes time and detailed attention to requirements.

    Other places to get further information

    Fire careers in the USDA Forest Service