Species of Conservation Concern

The Regional Forester identifies species of conservation concern (SCC) for Forest Plans developed under the 2012 planning rule.  In short, SCC are species for which the Regional Forester has substantial concern regarding their long-term persistence in the plan area. All SCC must be native and known to occur in the plan area. Additional information about how SCC are defined and selected are provided through links below that describe the SCC identification process.

Forest plans approved under the 2012 planning rule must provide the ecological conditions necessary for long-term persistence of SCC, within the authority of the Forest Service and the inherent capability of the land.  An SCC list may be developed or updated at any point during the planning process, or when planning is not underway. Currently, SCC have been identified for the Helena – Lewis and Clark National Forest and the Flathead National Forest.

Helena – Lewis and Clark National Forest (HLC)

Flathead National Forest (FNF)

Harlequinn Ducks Aerial view of Harlequinn Ducks