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The Story of the Most Famous Hat in the Northern Region
and the History of the Camera Point Program

Project: Photographic Points written by K.D. Swan, February, 1961

Group of photos showing K.D. Swan at his camera, his Stetson hat, and the hat on a tree.


In 1911 Kenneth D. Swan (K.D.) began his career with the Northern Region of the Forest Service. As the regional photographer, Swan was an integral part of the development of the Camera Point program, also known as "Project: Photographic Points." 

Drawing of a Stetson hat.
In the late 1950’s U.S. Forest Service photographer Winston E. Steuerwald asked Swan to write down his memories of the Camera Point program for future foresters. Swan responded in 1961 with "Project: Photographic Points", a history of the establishment and upkeep of the earliest camera points in the Region. "Project: Photographic Points" is a story full of interesting characters and exciting events that are brought to life through Swan’s photographs and text.

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