Special Areas

Special Areas (SAs) have been established to protect and manage for public use and enjoyment, special recreation areas with scenic, geological, botanical, zoological, palentological, archaeological, or other special characteristics or unique values. 

Condon Creek, SA on the Flathead NF.A botanical area is a unit of land that contains plant specimens, plant groups, or plant communities that are significant because of their form, color, occurrence, habitat, location, life history, arrangement, ecology, rarity, or other features. 

In the Northern Region, these are 36 established Special Areas, comprising 45,886 acres. There are 26 Botanical SAs which includes 15 on the Kootenai NF, 4 on the Idaho Panhandle NF, and 3 on the Lolo NF. The Northern Region also has 8 Geological SAs and 2 Scenic SAs.

The Northern Region now has 2 proposed SAs comprised of 504 acres, 17 candidates and 9 nominated SAs.