National Forest System (NFS)

Alaska Region Fire HandcrewGoals

  • Protection of national forest resources and other associated values from losses caused by wildfire.
  • Use of prescribed fire to meet land and resource management goals and objectives.


Program Description

The National Forest System (NFS) Fire Management program is made up of the following components: fire detection, fire prevention, fire planning, fire pre-suppression, fire dispatching, fire weather, fire suppression, prescribed fire, and fuels management.

Cohesive Strategy

Wildfire crosses all boundaries and jurisdictions. Meeting the challenges of wildfire calls for an all-lands, all-hands approach that will leverage the assets and expertise of partners across the nation's landscapes. Through the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy, federal, state, and local governments; tribes; and non-government organizations are building the framework that will promote resilient ecosystems, protect communities, and provide effective response to wildfire

Key Points

  • Integrate consideration of fire protection and use into the formulation and evaluation of land and resource management objections, prescriptions, and practices.
  • Provide a cost-efficient level of wildfire protection on National Forest System lands commensurate with values at risk. The priority is protection of life.
  • Through cooperative agreements, provide the most efficient mix of resources to protect wildland within Alaska and along the border of British Columbia.
  • Protect, maintain, and enhance the ecosystem health of national forest resources through fire and fuels management.

Key Contacts

Alaska Region

Tyler J. Anderson
Alaska Region Assistant Director, Fire Operations
Cell: 907-205-1150

State Fire Assistance

Sheila Walker
Cooperative Fire Program Specialist
Forest Service Alaska and Pacific Northwest Regions
Office: 360-956-2298
Cell: 503-313-2784

Federal Excess Personal Property

Phillip E. Barricklow
Administrative Operations Specialist FEPP/FFP Property Management Officer
Forest Service Pacific Northwest and Alaska Region
Office: 503-808-2236
Cell: 541-619-6441

Pile Burn-Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Igniting a burn pile at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.