Forest Health Conditions in Alaska Reports & ADS Damage Maps (2002-2017)

Follow the links below to access Forest Health Conditions in Alaska (full reports, highlights sections, and damage maps from Aerial Detection Surveys). To request GIS layers of mapped damage, or other related information, please contact Karen Hutten (, 907-586-7807) or see our staff contacts. Nationwide maps of Aerial Detection Survey (ADS) damage are available on the USFS Forest Health Protection GIS & Spatial Analysis website and through the Forest Health Applied Sciences website.

In 2017, we began to create StoryMaps and Interactive Maps of our Aerial Detection Survey data (ArcGIS Online) to improve stakeholder access to our survey data. Please contact Robin Mulvey (, 907-589-7971) to provide feedback or request assistance. The StoryMaps contain the interactive maps and also provides basic user instructions.

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