Shuká Káa - On Your Knees Cave

Shuka Kaa, On Your Knees Cave opening.
Shuká Káa (formerly On Your Knees) Cave opening.


10,300 BP
After years of study at On Your Knees Cave, paleontologists and archaeologists changed our understanding of the earliest Northwest Coast prehistory. Studies of stone tools, human bones, DNA, and bird and other animal bones found in and near On Your Knees Cave shed light on the environment of Prince of Wales Island during and after the last Ice Age; and the life of Shuká Káa, Man Ahead of Us, one of the first Alaskans who lived on the coast more than 10,000 years ago.


Site connection to the National Historic Preservation Act

Discovered during Section 106 survey prior to a timber sale. Section 106 and Section 110 work occurred after human remains were found and the site’s historical and cultural significance became known.


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Read aloud by the Juneau Community Charter School 4/5 grade class.


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Kuwoot yas.ein: His Spirit is Looking Out from the Cave



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