X’unáxi Traditional Cultural Property

Looking out at X’unaxi.
Looking out at X’unáxi
Photo credit: Chuck Smythe


1160 AD to present
X’unáxi or Auke Cape, known locally as Indian Point, is a traditional cultural property that was the site of the first Auk Tlingit village in the Juneau area. It is described by Tlingit people as a shamanic landscape due to the presence of shamans’ graves and is considered a spiritual place and a ceremonial space used by contemporary Tlingit people. The area is a place to go for spiritual renewal, a place to acquire spirits, and where Tlingit people feed the spirits of their ancestors.


Site connection to the National Historic Preservation Act

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2016 as a traditional cultural property; Section 106 and Section 110 work has occurred prior to proposed federal development.


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Read aloud by the Juneau Community Charter School 4/5 grade class.


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Site Description

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