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Your guide to photos, graphics and information to complement your articles featuring the Alaska Region.

Greetings media partners! As you look for story ideas, research topics, or write your articles, we want to make it as easy as possible to gather the information you need. This guide was developed to help you find photos or graphics to complement your articles, and provide a wealth of Forest Service information at your fingertips.

2024 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Media Kit

This Media Toolkit is for your use if you are:

Needing a good overview of the Alaska Region Forest Service?


Interested in our Trending Topics?

See what’s happening across Alaska’s National Forests this winter with our news clips below.

Alaska Region

Tongass National Forest

Chugach National Forest

Inside the Forest Service



Seeking updated maps and publications?


Searching for a photo to accompany a news story?


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Wanting to chat with a Forest Service expert about a specific topic?    

We have Forest Service experts in the following areas. Please contact us if you would like to set up an interview:

  • Fisheries biologists – Interested in learning more about the fish and fishing industry in Alaska? Set up a meet and greet with one of our experts!

  • Wildlife biologists – Wildlife biologists can talk about the unique wildlife we have in Alaska and share great places for viewing opportunities.

  • Botanists & Forest ecologists – We have plant, fungi and climate change experts who would love to share what they do and more about the plants and fungi you can find in the forest as well as our changing climate.

  • Recreation Specialists – Are you curious what goes in to operating campgrounds, maintaining trails and all of the wonderful recreation opportunities we offer? Get the inside scoop by chatting with a recreation specialist.

  • Bridge & Structural Engineers – Want to know about bridges and the work that goes into Forest Service structures? Set up an interview to learn more!

  • Geographic Information Specialists – Interested in the maps and information being developed by our specialists? GIS specialists would be happy to share what they are working on.

  • Jobs and recruitment specialists – Would you like to learn about career opportunities with the Forest Service or help share job opportunities? HR specialists can help you learn about the process and current job opportunities.

  • Timber specialists – Are you interested in learning more about timber harvest and how we plan timber sales? Reach out to speak with a timber specialist and learn more!

  • Silviculturists – Do you want to learn more about tree growth, tree species and reforestation? Our experts would be happy to share more information!


Finding that you need to contact our national media office? 

Key Contacts

Regional Public Affairs

Jackie Chandler
Director, Public Affairs
(907) 586-8803

Forest Public Affairs

Chugach National Forest

Brandon Raile
Public Affairs Specialist
Chugach National Forest webpage

Tongass National Forest

Paul Robbins Jr.
Public Affairs & Partnerships
Tongass National Forest webpage